The Online Agenda for Doctors and Healthcare Professionals

Take advantage of our medical agenda solution to improve your online presence and make it easier for your patients to book appointments. Use our platform to manage your schedule efficiently and communicate with your patients.

  • Save valuable time

  • Increase your visibility

  • Maximise your efficiency

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Medecin femme
Boekingssysteem voor zorgprofessionals

We empower practitioners to build strong bridges with their patients

Boekingssysteem voor zorgprofessionals

We empower practitioners to build strong bridges with their patients

Doctena: a simple, practical solution for your practice

Doctena optimises your day-to-day management and gives you more time for your patients thanks to a flexible medical planner and medical scheduling software. With Doctena, patients can easily book medical appointments online and healthcare professionals can securely share automated reminders with them.

Medical appointment

24/7 Online Booking System

Enhance your patients’ booking experience with 24/7 online appointment scheduling. Save time, clear your practice waiting room and fill last-minute appointment slots effortlessly with our medical planner.

Doctena on all devices

Secure Online Medical Calendar

Optimise your working time with our simple and customisable medical agenda, while complying with the highest standards of data security.

Online visibility

Online Visibility and Reputation

Increase your visibility online for new patients and boost the reputation of your practice. Get an appointment booking plug-in for your own website.

How does Doctena’s Medical Scheduling Software work?

doctena 1

The practitioner completes and personalises his profile on Doctena and customises the settings of his agenda.

doctena 2

Patients log in and search for a practitioner by selecting their language, location and reason for visit.

doctena 3

The team of practitioners consults and confirms the requests received.
Patients receive appointment reminders.

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After the consultation, patients can leave comments that position the practitioner as an expert and attract new patients.

Together, let’s make your daily work as a healthcare professional easier


Discover the simplicity of our solution!

  • Schedule and manage your patient appointments hassle-free with our online agenda for doctors and healthcare professionals

  • Offer online bookable medical appointments and teleconsultations

  • Rest assured with our secure data management
  • Allow your patients to receive automatic appointment reminders and greatly reduces the risk of no-shows

Our most popular FAQs

Doctena streamlines the daily operations of more than 10,000 doctors and healthcare professionals, reducing administrative work and freeing up valuable time for your patients. Doctena’s flexible solution simplifies appointment management through our two main products. First, we offer an advanced and fully personalizable Online Agenda for healthcare providers (Doctena PRO). Second, on our Online Booking Platform ( and the Doctena App), patients can schedule their medical appointments in just a few clicks.

Doctena PRO, efficiently managing appointments and patient data, helps you streamline your day-to-day operations and saves you valuable time. Simultaneously, our Agenda Software upholds the highest data security standards, as evidenced by our attainment of ISO 27001 Certification — an international recognition affirming our adherence to strict information security protocols. This certification guarantees the confidentiality and integrity of our users’ data.

Our Online Booking System allows healthcare providers to display their professional profiles and available times, making it simple for patients to schedule appointments in just a few clicks. This 24/7 accessibility to Online Booking enhances patient experience with round-the-clock appointment scheduling, optimising your practice’s schedule and filling last-minute slots effortlessly. In addition, healthcare professionals leverage Doctena’s Online Booking Platform to boost the visibility and reputation of their practices, thereby attracting an increasing number of new patients.

At Doctena, your health information’s safety and security are our most important concerns. The ISO 27001 Certification is an international recognition, attesting to our compliance with strict information security standards, thus ensuring the confidentiality and integrity of our users’ data.

We have applied a wide range of protection measures
and are constantly exploring new technologies. We also ensure that all interactions between practitioners and patients, including video consultations and online payment processes, adhere to the highest security standards.
Annually, our platforms are audited by recognised IT security companies. The results of these audits are analysed and integrated by our IT teams, ensuring the utmost adherence to the highest levels of data security standards.

Learn more about Data Security at Doctena

The Doctena Online Agenda streamlines administrative tasks for secretaries, enabling them to offer more support to practitioners during consultations. This efficiency allows them to allocate time to other important duties, such as handling invoicing. Simultaneously, handling patient phone calls from patients is replaced by the automatic sending of SMS and email reminders and notifications. This automation reduces manual work by up to 30%, while significantly improving patient care and decreasing no-show rates by up to 70%. As our system is very intuitive, your secretaries can perfectly use the Online Agenda after their first Onboarding session.

Explore all our features

The initial setup of Doctena PRO inside your practice has never been easier. We provide full support on that part and our Onboarding team helps you get familiar with the Agenda Software. You will be explained the functionalities and customisation possibilities in depth so as to be able to tailor the Online Agenda to your workflows.

Our network encompasses over 100 healthcare specialties across 6 countries. It includes healthcare professionals from diverse backgrounds and fluent in multiple languages, ensuring we cater to a wide array of healthcare organizations.

One of our main objectives is to make Doctena completely personalizable to fit each practitioner’s needs and way of working, while ensuring it remains intuitive and easy to use. Once a doctor or healthcare professional signs up for Doctena, we typically provide an Onboarding session that is rated with 98% satisfaction levels.

Our pricing plans are designed to meet your specific needs. The Doctena online calendar adapts to the workflow of your practice, whether you’re working alone or in a team, looking to improve appointment management with automated reminders, or seeking to attract more new patients. Our pricing options include:

BASIC Plan: Starting at €29 incl. VAT per month for an annual payment, or €34 incl. VAT per month for monthly payments.

SMART Plan: Starting at €45 incl. VAT per month for an annual payment, or €49 incl. VAT per month for monthly payments.

PREMIUM Plan: Starting at €69 incl. VAT per month for an annual payment, or €79 incl. VAT per month for monthly payments.

To see all the packages in detail, click here.

If you are looking for a custom plan, our team is available to guide you and create a personalized offer tailored to your needs. Contact our experts to discuss it

More questions? Please contact us!


Dr. Philippe Weitzel

“Doctena has helped me launch my business, my patients are very happy with the appointment scheduling system.”

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Doctena Liam Smith

Liam Smith

“Honestly, Doctena is really easy to use! It has made my organization much easier.”

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Doctena Elise Mosca

Elise Mosca

“Doctena allows me to fill my schedule in an optimal way, but also to save time.”

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We speak several languages

Doctena is a multilingual solution that can be used in several languages. We will help you in the language of your choice, supporting you as soon as you have any questions or needs.

You will also be able to offer several languages on your practitioner profile, in order to be visible by a larger number of patients.

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Sécurité Doctena

Protecting your data is our priority

  • RGPD Compliance

  • ISO-27001 certification

  • Multi-level security controls and data backup
  • End-to-end data encryption between patient and practitioner
  • Regular data security audits

We collaborate to cover your needs

Our trusted partners are an essential part of Doctena, assisting us in providing you with the best service possible.
Building strong partnerships is crucial to delivering exceptional healthcare, and we’re proud to have developed such relationships with our partners.