Our Features Explained


  • Security and Privacy

    We follow the highest standards of personal and health data protection. Learn more in our Doctena’s GDPR Privacy Center.

  • Rolling Template

    Create a template of your standard work week and apply it automatically to the following weeks. You can edit it anytime as needed.

  • Repeating Appointments

    Repeating Appointments

    Use Repeating Appointments for treatments that will take several sessions, such as physical therapy. Instead of booking the appointments one by one, directly schedule them together by defining a specific rule, for example, "8 appointments during the 8 next Mondays between 10h and 10h30".

  • Refer patients

    Referred Patients

    If you allow it, your colleague and other health professionals will be able to refer their patients to you, and directly reserve a slot for them in your Agenda.

  • Auto-Expanding Slots

    To maintain the continuity of appointments, you can use the Auto-Expansion Slots so that a subsequent appointment becomes available only if the previous one was booked, or an earlier appointment opens up only if the later one was taken.

  • Email Attachments

    You can send up to 3 attachments per e-mail. These can include pre-appointment questionnaires, indications for upcoming analysis(s), or a list of documents the patient should remember to bring to the consultation, for example.

  • Appointment Statistics


    See in real time the amount of booked appointments, SMS sent and video consultations performed. You can define the time period to view the information by week, month, quarter and year.

  • print out appointments

    Print Appointments

    You can print a set of appointments of your choice. This will allow you to, for example, give a patient a list of all his/her upcoming appointments, or have your upcoming appointments of the day consolidated in a paper.

  • Patient Search

    Patient Search

    Easily search for a patient by entering different search criteria (name, email, date of birth, etc.)

  • Appointment Entry

    Manual Appointment Entry

    Not only your patients can book appointments in your Agenda. Instead, you and your staff can also create appointments, and your patients will automatically receive all the relevant information related to them.

  • Patient Accound

    Patient Account

    Patients can create a Doctena account for free. This way, they can view and manage appointments conveniently, see their appointment history and much more.

  • Emails

    Branded Emails

    Send your patients emails customised with your logo, your signature and the colours of your choice.

  • Agenda Notes


    Benefit from the "Notes" function, enhancing the communication with your patients, your staff and your colleagues.

  • Own Website Creation

    Elevate your practice's online presence with a fully personalized website, powered by Doctena in collaboration with our partner Proximus. With the guidance of a dedicated Digital Coach, tailor your site to your preferences, showcasing your services and availabilities seamlessly.

  • Rating Badge for your Website

    Make your ratings stand out with a Rating Badge for your own website. Show either the average rating or the total number of ratings you received from your patients.

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