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  • Transplantation and organ donation

    11 October, 2019

    Organ donation is a process whereby a person authorizes the removal of his or her organ(s) with the legal consent of the donor when the donor is alive, or with the consent of next of kin or a close relative when the donor is deceased. In most cases, an organ donation can be made for research purposes, or for transplantation into another person's body.

  • When to worry about a tick bite?

    22 July, 2019

  • The dangers of dieting

    24 June, 2019

  • Quitting smoking: a long way to go

    28 May, 2019


  • Seeing a doctor in a foreign country

    24 July, 2018

  • How to protect your skin during the summer

    3 July, 2018

  • All you need to know about blood donation

    11 June, 2018

  • Which specialist to consult when suffering from migraine?

    23 May, 2018

  • 10 tips to get quality sleep

    16 May, 2018

  • Online medical appointment booking and last minute availability

    7 May, 2018

  • How to increase the time spent on a website by a visitor?

    3 May, 2018

  • The impact of mobile applications on the healthcare sector

    30 April, 2018

  • Online reviews, and consumer decision making

    25 April, 2018

  • Pollen allergy: an update

    17 April, 2018

  • When should my baby/child be seen by a doctor?

    6 April, 2018

  • How to improve the patient experience in the waiting room

    28 March, 2018

  • Reasons why you should know and visit these 5 specialists

    21 March, 2018

  • Women’s Day – 10 tips for more energy

    7 March, 2018

  • Why do health care professionals need to know your status as a new or returning patient?

    2 March, 2018

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