Doctena & Bingli

The most flexible booking system and the smartest medical interview, now together!


L'entretien médical le plus intelligent et le système de rendez-vous le plus flexible, maintenant ensemble!

Doctena & Bingli ensure the right care for every patient

Empowering doctors in care navigation

We enhance the doctor-patient experience with well-prepared consultations, combining Doctena’s booking system and Bingli’s medical interview for patients. By connecting the right patient with the right appointment slot, health professionals can provide more focused and efficient care, leading to an improved patient experience altogether.

Doctena Bingli

How does the Doctena & Bingli partnership works for patients?

A seamless patient journey ensuring the right care at the right time for everybody

How the Doctena & Bingli partnership works for doctors

A seamless doctor journey to make medical consultations more efficient


About Doctena

Doctena is a healthcare booking system that connects patients with healthcare professionals. We are striving to improve patient care by simplifying and securing communication between practitioners and patients. Our user-friendly system streamlines the entire healthcare experience by simplifying the process of finding and scheduling appointments for patients. With practical features like our flexible online agenda, patient reminders and enhanced visibility, we transform the way healthcare appointments are booked. 

About Bingli

Bingli is a medical history and triage solution that asks intelligent medical questions in advance. It allows doctors to be better prepared, save time and appointments to be faster. By joining forces, we aim to bring benefits to both doctors and patients: healthcare professionals will now have the opportunity to prepare their appointments in advance with comprehensive and accurate information about their patients’ health. With this partner, we are committed to further streamlining the process of scheduling medical appointments.



How the Doctena & Bingli partnership works

Doctors using Doctena’s flexible booking system can now ask their patients a series of questions via Bingli, a medical chatbot powered by artificial intelligence.

Specifically, patients looking to book an appointment with a doctor online through Doctena’s flexible booking system will now be presented with a series of questions. These questions pertain to their medical history and the symptoms or complaints for which they are seeking care. 

These are not standard questions: each answer determines the next question, ensuring that every patient seeking an appointment receives a personalized intake conversation. 

The doctor with whom the patient ultimately books an appointment will receive the answers structured via Doctena’a online agenda before the actual consultation takes place. This results in significant time savings during the appointment, time that can be spent on quality interaction with the patient. 

Bingli’s chatbot also comes with a “matchmaking function”: based on the patient’s answers, the appointment is immediately scheduled with the most suitable doctor (for group practices), or an appointment requiring a blood test is scheduled when the nurse is present, and so on. 

With the integration of this chatbot, our primary goal is to better support solo practices and group practices. Currently, the majority of users are doctors (practices), but other healthcare providers can also make effective use of the platform for their practices.

Tom Van De Putte (Bingli): “We are very excited about this new collaboration. Artificial intelligence may sound distant to many people, but it doesn’t have to be. With the help of AI, we can enhance the quality of the doctor-patient relationship for many patients in the future.” 

Alain Fontaine (Doctena): “By integrating the AI-driven chatbot, we aim to alleviate administrative burdens on doctors and, in turn, improve the quality of their interactions with patients.”

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