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Say farewell to the hassles of traditional appointment scheduling and embrace the flexibility of a powerful online booking system. Effortlessly handle availabilities, connect with patients, and embrace the convenience of e-health. Our agenda seamlessly integrates with your workflow, ensuring a smooth experience for both you and your patients, and is designed to empower you in managing your time effectively. 

Online agenda

Dr. Philippe Weitzel’s journey with Doctena

Explore how Doctena has revolutionised his medical practice, from leveraging automated patient reminders, to being able to access his agenda from everywhere and at any given time. Witness the flexibility Doctena provides , the increased satisfaction among patients, and the valuable time saved.

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Doctena Philippe Weitzel

Dr. Philippe Weitzel

“Doctena has helped me launch my practice, and my patients are very happy with the appointment booking system.”

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Doctena Liam Smith

Liam Smith

“Honestly, Doctena is really easy to use! It’s made organising a lot easier.”

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Doctena Elise Mosca

Elise Mosca

“Doctena allows me to fill my schedule optimally, but also to save time.”

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