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We Strive Every Day
to Help People
in Healthcare

We Strive Every Day to Help People in Healthcare

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This Is Our Story

Our goal is to connect health care professionals with their patients

Doctena’s story began in 2013 when three partners decided to tackle the subject of medical appointments. Our mission behind that is to improve communication between patients and healthcare professionals.
Today, we count more than 10.000 health care professionals who are having trust in us. Our innovative tool has received positive feedback and has been so successful that we’ve expanded to other countries and partnered with six competitors to become even stronger in our mission. We are committed to simplifying the healthcare journey for patients and practitioners.

We Simplify Healthcare

We value your feedback and we’re always thinking critically about our service to ensure it meets the demands of health professionals and exceeds patients’ expectations.
Doctena strives to make your working life easier by providing a user-friendly platform that simplifies your workflow. So that we can focus on the core: best care for your patients.

We Are Here for You

We’re committed to helping practitioners thrive. Our top priority is to build strong relationships of trust with our valued customers. Our approach is simple – by offering private training in the use of the Doctena system, frequent follow-up visits, and assistance, we ensure that our customers receive unparalleled support every step of the way.

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Alain Fontaine, CEO

“We are adding new features to the platform to help practitioners provide the best possible patient experience, while improving the operational efficiency of their practices.”

Meet Alain Fontaine, the CEO of Doctena. Alain’s passion for using technology to improve patient care has led to innovative solutions that support healthcare professionals in their daily practice.

Healthcare is constantly evolving, and at Doctena, we’re here to help healthcare professionals navigate these changes. Alain’s visionary leadership drives us to provide you with the tools you need to optimise your practice. From streamlined booking systems to easy-to-use agendas, we’re here to take care of your communication with your patients.

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We Love Our Community

We’re proud to have a community of millions who have discovered the convenience and efficiency of Doctena. Our user-friendly platform makes booking medical appointments a breeze.

With Doctena, thousands of healthcare professionals are discovering new ways to streamline their workflow, freeing up valuable time. We believe in providing personalised assistance to both patients and practitioners.

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