In January 2023, Doctena became an ISO 27001 certified company.

This globally recognized standard demonstrates Doctena’s commitment to the highest security standards, as we recognize that the data we process deserves the highest level of protection.

Doctena holds a valid ISO-27001: 2017 certificate, linked to a specific scope :

Software development and cloud operations teams within the Software Factory that report to the Director of the Software Factory. The product management and customer support teams of the software components that are built and maintained in the Software Factory. Corporate management, information security, internal IT, sales, marketing, finance, HR, legal and compliance for all processes related to the Software Factory.

You can download our certificate here.

The validity of the certificate can always be checked online at or by e-mail at [email protected].

Summary of applied policies

  • Data Protection Policy (“RGPD”)

  • Acceptable Use Policy

  • Audit logging policy

  • Data Transfer Policy

  • Incident Management Policy

  • Secure development policy

  • Logging Review Policy

  • Physical access policy

  • Supplier security policy

  • Information security policy ( ISO-27001 )

  • Access control policy

  • Data classification policy

  • Acceptable encryption policy

  • Change Management Policy

  • Threat and Vulnerability Policy

  • Password Policy

  • Remote Access Policy

  • Code of Conduct