The doctor’s photo: the phenomenon of online medical booking by patients is growing. Many practitioners and hospitals now have online portals where patients can book their consultations. This gives the patient the opportunity to find a doctor who practices in their area and to make an appointment.
The major reason for the success of these platforms is the convenience offered to patients. They can find a specialized doctor located near their home without even leaving their living room. Two of the main criteria that guide the patient in choosing a particular specialist are expertise and experience. In addition, there is another criterion of choice when booking online, which is all too often downplayed by the doctors themselves: the publication of a profile picture.
Here are some reasons why it is important for doctors to publish their photo on the online booking portal in order to increase the number of appointments made by patients.

Trust capital

It has been found that physicians who post their photos on platforms such as are more successful with patients because it generates trust capital. Patients are more likely to make an appointment with them than with doctors without a profile picture. Since the digital world is home to many scams, a doctor with a photo posted on or any other similar platform seems more reliable.

Male vs. female

In some cases, patients want to book a consultation with a doctor of a specific gender. For example, for certain issues, some women may feel less comfortable with a male physician. Just as some men may not want to expose their personal concerns to a woman. Platforms such as allow everyone to book with the doctor of their choice. However, the absence of a profile picture could cause confusion.

More insurance

Knowing more about your doctor and being familiar with your face gives patients more confidence. This makes them feel more comfortable discussing their problems. On the other hand, by glancing at their doctor’s picture, patients already have an idea about his or her experience. For example, a young physician will probably not have the same level of expertise and notoriety as a senior physician.

In conclusion

In general, the above arguments confirm the importance for a doctor to publish his or her photo on online appointment booking platforms. This will increase the number of his appointments and generate real trust with his patients. In addition, the photo adds a personalized touch to his profile, which will make him stand out from the many other doctors available on online booking platforms.

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