History of data processors

– Removed cronofy as this is not a processor of Doctena, but a gateway processor for customers
– Removed Twilio (SMS) in preference of our already existing SPRYNG and LINK MOBILE providers that work well enough

– Changed text from privacy shield to DPA + SCC due to invalidation of privacy shield
– removed doxter references as this application is no longer in use
– added Google analytics as part of Google LCC (opt in)
– removed Rocket science group

– Added Tokbox for optional Video consultations
– Added Stripe payments for optional online payments
– Added Cookie First by Digital Data Solutions

– Correction of data processing location for Datadog which has been in Germany since the beginning
– Update of video consultation from Vonage to Whereby applicable as of 01/04/2024
– Removal of “T-Systems International GmbH” which was used for our video consultation, and now is also on AWS
Correction of Legal entity name “Amazon Web Services Inc” to “Amazon Web Services EMEA SARL”