Proud Member of the VOKA Health Community

Doctena is happy to be a member of the VOKA Health Community. This membership signifies our commitment to improving healthcare services and providing exceptional value to our users.

About VOKA Health Community

As a part of the Federation of Belgian Chambers of Commerce, VOKA is a leading network that represents businesses in Flanders. The VOKA Health Community focuses on healthcare, fostering innovation, collaboration, and excellence between its various key stakeholders. This platform allows knowledge to be shared and healthcare policies to be advocated for.

Doctena’s Role in This Membership

As a member of the VOKA Health Community, we:

  • Connect with Industry Leaders: Engage with key stakeholders to share best practices and insights.
  • Stay Updated on Innovations: Access the latest healthcare technologies and trends.
  • Take part in Strategic Initiatives: Contribute to projects addressing healthcare challenges.
  • Continuous Development and Improvement: Enhance our offerings and product with cutting-edge knowledge and resources.