VVKP: the largest association for licentiates and masters in clinical psychology in Belgium

About VVKP

The Vlaamse Vereniging van Klinisch Psychologen (VVKP) is a Belgian association that represents the interests of its members and ensures that clinical psychologists can exchange knowledge and experiences.

VVKP is instrumental in promoting knowledge exchange and experience sharing among Clinical Psychologists, while also supporting them in enhancing the quality of their practice.
The association is dedicated to promoting clinical psychology both as a discipline and a profession, ensuring that psychological interventions are more accessible to the public. This advocacy supports a more holistic, biopsychosocial approach to healthcare.

Our Collaboration

Doctena is proud to partner with VVKP to enhance the operational aspects of clinical practices. This partnership is designed to benefit VVKP members by integrating our online advanced agenda and scheduling system with the daily practices of clinical psychologists. Our collaborative efforts focus on improving accessibility and efficiency of mental health services, ensuring that patients can receive timely psychological support more easily.

Member Benefits of VVKP at Doctena

In support of our VVKP members, we are excited to offer special discounts: a minimum of 20% off for independent psychologists and up to 30% off for those in group practices. Furthermore, newly established psychologists and practices are eligible for a free four-month trial to help them get started.

Commitment to Quality Care

This partnership reflects our shared commitment to ensuring that high-quality psychological care is available and accessible. By combining Doctena’s technological expertise with VVKP’s extensive knowledge and professional network, we aim to support clinical psychologists in delivering superior mental health services.