Osteopathie: the professional association representing osteopaths in Belgium

Meet Osteopathie.be

Osteopathie.be is the most renowned Belgian professional association for osteopaths. Their mission centres around empowering the osteopathic practice through education, streamlining access to holistic healthcare, and upholding excellence in practice.

About the partnership

This partnership combines the expertise of Doctena’s innovative healthcare platform with the extensive network of osteopaths associated to Osteopathie.be. We aim to bring win-win solutions and benefits to their members.

  • Special Benefits for Members of Osteopathie.be: Members from Osteopathie.be will receive exclusive benefits when utilising Doctena’s services.
  • Streamlined Appointment Management: By using the Doctena platform, patients can conveniently book appointments with osteopaths, providing a seamless and efficient scheduling process.
  • Patient Education about Osteopathie: Together, we strive to empower patients with knowledge about osteopathy, its benefits, and the expertise of qualified osteopaths that are part of Osteopathie.be.