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Success story of Dr. Philippe Weitzel, Dentist

My name is Philippe Weitzel, I am a general dentist in Luxembourg. What I like most about my job is the fact that I have to meet many people, for different problems or a simple check-up, and I can provide them all with a suitable solution.

What is a typical day like in your practice?

The day starts when my assistant turns on the computer and opens the day’s agenda. Once this is done, I can look at the patients of the day, I also look at the X-rays to prepare for the first consultations. Then the consultations continue until the end of the day. Sometimes this may change a little, as some days are busier than others. This is particularly the case if there are emergencies, or when consultations with certain patients take longer than expected. As a result, we sometimes fall a little behind. On Doctena, it is possible to set reasons for visits and to allocate a certain time to each reason. We always make sure to block a larger slot on the agenda, to make sure that we can take the time with each patient.

Philippe Weitzel Doctena

How did you get started on Doctena?

As soon as I heard about Doctena, I immediately created an account. That’s what got me started. First, I had to create my profile, adding my photo, reasons for visiting, and other information. The Doctena team was there to support me and give me all the help I needed. It was very quick. That’s how I got my first clients.
I have two colleagues who also use Doctena and are very satisfied. It is also very practical for those who have two practices, as they have on their profiles the slots of each of their practices. Therefore, their patients can make an appointment in one practice or in the other. This is very practical.

Which features help you the most?

The feature I particularly like is the appointment reminder for patients. Indeed, it allows them to send an SMS or an e-mail reminding them of their appointment. In addition, this feature is not limited to patients who use Doctena, so we can enter their information into the Doctena diary, give their phone number and email address and they can also receive a reminder. This is very helpful and avoids a lot of missed appointments or no-shows The support team is great too, when I needed to change my profile information I just had to contact them, they were very efficient. I also really like the online calendar, it works very well, but above all it can also be consulted on a mobile phone, which is very practical. So I can consult it and organise myself even when I’m not at the practice, which is not possible with all the software. This feature helps me a lot.

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Philippe Weitzel Doctena

What was it like before Doctena?

After my studies, I worked for a year in Paris, at that time, everything was done by telephone, I can tell you that it rang a lot! Everything was done by phone, patients had to call us to make an appointment and look at their schedule, we usually had to offer them several slots before finding one that suited them. Since we started using Doctena, we still get calls, of course, but as a rule, patients make appointments online from the comfort of their homes by being able to choose the time slot that best suits them. This frees up a lot of time for my assistant, who can therefore be more available to me.

A word for your colleagues?

I would advise them to use Doctena for all the reasons I mentioned earlier: it’s a huge time saver for assistants who don’t have to answer the phone as much. It also allows for better visibility thanks to the online presence. And the online agenda is very practical, especially the fact that you can consult it from anywhere. To sum up, it is a very good tool for building up a new patient base in addition to the one you already have.

One last thing to say?

I would just like to say that I am very satisfied. Doctena has allowed me to get started, in fact, when I arrived on the job market, I was not known.
Registering on Doctena allowed me to get my first patients, then word of mouth quickly did the rest, but I can clearly say that it is thanks to Doctena that I was able to create my business in Luxembourg.

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