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Women's Day - 10 tips to gain more energy

Wednesday 07 March 2018 - forpatient


Women are awesome. They give life, they sustain it, they are the rock of their families and some have jobs and responsibilities outside of their home.
Women have a lot on their plate most of the time, but their energy and good performance are often taken for granted. On top of their stressful lifestyle, they have to deal with their menstrual cycle and hormonal changes, which can take a toll on their mood and energy levels.
It can be hard sometimes. It is easy to get the blues, especially now because of the winter. If your fatigue levels seem to worsen over time and you find yourself lacking energy even after you rest, maybe you should consult with a doctor.
However, if you are just on the search for more ways to boost your energy levels and be even more amazing in your daily life, here are 10 tips to help you achieve that:

  • Eat light:

Food is necessary to replenish our energy levels and give the body the necessary calories it needs to perform its daily tasks. However, some foods can be too difficult to digest and instead of providing the body with energy it actually takes it away in order for it to be digested. This is especially true in the winter time because we tend to crave a lot of heavy comfort foods such as processed snacks, high fat meals, and even a lot of meats and animal products. This is why consuming light healthy meals with a lot of fruits and vegetables is a good idea. They will provide your body with the nutrients and calories it needs, while helping you to feel light and energized instead of heavy and sluggish.

  • Work out:

Breaking a sweat is a great idea to feel energized as well. Whether it’s high intensity cardio or gentle stretching and yoga, exercise increases blood flow to the muscles and the brain. This oxygenates our tissues and replenishes them. It also helps release endorphins which are the feel good hormones. On top of that, working out improves our self-esteem and helps regulate our metabolism which makes us feel healthier, light and more energized.

  • Have a sleep cure.

When people go on diets, they watch their foods and track their calories. Similarly, they can obsess about going to the gym and track their workouts, weight and their measurements. However, in our quest for health and well-being, only a few think about tracking their sleep. So instead of doing a detox for 2 weeks, try doing a sleep cure.
Make it a priority to sleep 8 hours every night so that you wake up refreshed and full of energy. This can give your body a much needed break, as well as time to repair and replenish which will ultimately make you more energized. It can also help to regulate your circadian rhythm and the secretion of certain hormones, making you ready for spring!

  • Do Pranayama:

Pranayama is a yoga practice that means breath control. Pranayama exercises consist in following special rhythms for inhalation and exhalation. If well performed, these exercises like “Kapalbathi” or “Bhastrika” breathing can help increase the oxygen levels in the bloodstream as well as help detoxify your system. It’s important however to be supervised by a professional yoga instructor or a pranayama specialist in order not to practice with the wrong technique which can cause hyperventilation and dizziness.

  • Keep your friends close:

Not your literal friends (even though that’s beneficial as well) but rather certain foods and ingredients that can instantly improve your energy levels. Water is possibly the most important, so make sure to stay hydrated. Incorporating lemon, ginger and turmeric in your diet is a great idea as they are natural tonics and can help improve your energy levels. Foods and supplements containing the vitamin B family, vitamin C and zinc are another good way to boost your energy and performance.

  • And keep your enemies far:

When we get tired, our usual response is to reach for caffeine and/or sugar. While these can be perceived as awesome pick me ups; they actually are not that good for you. Indeed, caffeine can make you crash, giving you a quick boost in energy but making you feel worse a while later. On the other hand, consuming sugar will spike your insulin level, which can make you hypoglycemic after a while and will make you crave more sugar. In order to have good energy levels it’s helpful to stay away from alcohol as well.  And as mentioned in our first tip, avoid foods that are digested with difficulty such as greasy meaty casseroles or highly processed snacks.

  • Fill up with Prana:

Not only is meditation amazing for controlling stress levels. It can also help fill you up with prana energy. In eastern philosophy, prana is a universal energy and it’s the kind that can’t be found in foods or beverages. The prana energy can be accessed through meditation. After clearing our thoughts, we are able to connect to the universal supply of prana, which can boost our energy levels and improve our overall well-being.

  • Replenish your vitamin stocks:

After the gloomy winter time, it’s easy to run low on vitamin D. So soak up some sun any chance you get or maybe consider taking supplements as vitamin D deficiency is a known cause for fatigue. While we’re at it, don’t forget to stock up on other essential energy minerals such as iron, calcium and magnesium whose deficiencies almost always present as low energy, among other symptoms.

  • Instant pick me up with essential oils:

Everyone is crazy about essential oils it seems, and they are right. You can use essential oils for almost anything, including picking up your energy levels! You can choose some citrusy essential oils such as lemon and sweet orange, or you can just use your favorite scent. You can diffuse them in your house, mix them with water in a spray bottle, or just drop them in the palm of your hands and inhale their aroma.  Essential oils contain chemical compounds in their scent, which can boost your mood and help you feel better.

  • Self care:

Self care is important, indulging in things you like, pampering yourself and being around people who make you happy are good ways to boost your energy levels. Always practice self care because the best thing that you can do for your well being is to make yourself a priority.
You are needed and loved and special.
Happy women’s day!


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