Spotlight on Caya, Account Executive at Doctena

Published on 14/02/2024

Account Executive Caya

As an Account Executive, Caya is dedicated to attracting new customers and maintaining strong connections with current ones in Belgium. She has been with Doctena for one and a half years, during which she has primarily engaged with Flemish-speaking healthcare professionals. Her goal is straightforward: to introduce our product to the Belgian healthcare market and assist thousands of doctors in enhancing their daily appointment management.

How would you describe your role at Doctena?

As an Account Executive, I bridge the gap between Sales and Support teams. My focus is on building long-term relationships, solving customer problems and promoting customer satisfaction.

On the other hand, my primary goal is to attract new customers and provide them with tailored solutions for their daily appointment scheduling. I aim to showcase our solution to a wide range of healthcare professionals. Thanks to Doctena’s versatile features, our product is designed to meet the unique requirements of various healthcare specialties.

After a new healthcare provider starts using Doctena’s Agenda, they need to learn to use the calendar in the best possible way. The main goal of the Account Executive, together with the Onboarding team, is to get them up and running as soon as possible and track their satisfaction.

I have long-term involvement with our customers, this ensures we have a comprehensive perspective and provide them with the support they need. This allows us to offer targeted solutions and stand up for our customers’ needs.

As an Account Executive, you have to believe in the product to be able to make customers happy and successful. What is it that makes you believe in Doctena’s solution?

I love the Doctena platform! It allows patients to search by provider or practice name on But most importantly, by specialty, spoken language and region. This search function allows patients to book an appointment with a doctor who speaks their own language. This reduces the gap between patient and doctor.
In addition, the agenda is highly flexible and can be tailored to the needs of individual practices as well as group practices.

How would you describe the company culture at Doctena? What values and principles set the organisation apart from others in the industry?

The culture at Doctena is rooted in innovation, collaboration and a customer-centric approach. What sets us apart in the industry is our unwavering commitment to technological advances to improve healthcare, a strong emphasis on customer satisfaction, and fostering an inclusive and supportive work environment for our team.

Doctena provides a hybrid work model, allowing employees the flexibility to choose between working from home or at the office. This model gives employees the freedom to maintain a good work-life balance, while at the same time, cultivating a strong bond between colleagues, regardless of their physical distance.

Can you give us a picture of a typical customer and explain what solution they are looking for?

An example of a customer could be a General practitioner. This specialty often experiences difficulty coordinating appointments and managing administrative tasks. These include maintaining patient records, billing and patient communication. All of this can result in inefficient scheduling, potential no-shows and delays, leaving less time for professional patient care.

So, they are in need of solutions that enable them to streamline their appointment scheduling and minimise no-shows through automated reminders and flexible rescheduling possibilities. Additionally, they want to replace repetitive manual tasks with the help of smart features. This would allow them to dedicate more time and attention to patients’ needs, improving the quality of care.

You are in direct contact with customers, what is it that they value the most in Doctena’s solution?

Customers appreciate Doctena’s solution for several reasons, but one of the aspects they value the most is the flexibility it offers in managing their agendas. It allows them to easily adjust their appointments and availabilities, which is essential in a dynamic and demanding practice environment. This gives them control over their schedule, allowing them to work more efficiently.

Another highly appreciated feature is the automated reminders sent through SMS and email. These reminders play a crucial role in reducing no-shows and improving overall operational efficiency. Our customers greatly benefit from this, as it significantly decreases the workload in their practices.

What would you tell future customers about our solution?

With our solution, healthcare professionals can significantly improve their appointment management as well as streamline practice workflows and reduce administrative tasks through many automated features. It will help them to focus more on their patients and customise their way of working.

The Doctena Agenda offers a wide range of features tailored for healthcare professionals across various specialties, language backgrounds, and technical expertise levels. Some may not know that our Agenda is available in 6 different languages and that it accommodates single practices as well as shared practices with more colleagues. It is accessible on-the-go, from any device and location.

For those unsure about using new technology, we offer complete support to familiarise them with our software. Once customers join Doctena, our Onboarding team provides comprehensive training sessions. These sessions cover all functionalities and guide users on how to maximise the product’s benefits. It’s worth mentioning that our Onboarding satisfaction score is an impressive 98%!

For new healthcare professionals looking to grow their patient base, our Online Booking platform offers a great way to increase online visibility. By setting up a profile on Doctena, new patients can easily find you by searching based on your location, specialty, the languages you speak, and your availability.

The list of possibilities can go on and on…

What is the most rewarding part of your job?

The most rewarding part of my job is witnessing firsthand how our solution positively impacts healthcare professionals’ lives. I see how practices become more efficient and that we contribute to improving the connection between patients and healthcare professionals.

Recently, I spoke with a dentist from Antwerp who joined Doctena some months ago. Like many new dentists, he was starting from zero. He was building his patient base and needed a simple yet powerful solution to manage his appointments.

I was thrilled to learn that he’s very happy with Doctena. In just a few months, he managed to grow his patient base. Because patients enjoy the convenience of online booking through our platform, he was suddenly more easily accessible to a wider patient base. He also praised Doctena’s customisable features, particularly the automated SMS and email reminders that have saved his secretaries a lot of time during busy periods.

I would say, we have done an excellent job!

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We strive to improve patient care by simplifying and securing communication between practitioners and patients. With Doctena, patients can book appointments easily and healthcare professionals can send them automated reminders securely.

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