A platform to book an appointment with your doctor

Published on 6 July, 2017


A Luxembourg company has created a platform that allows you to book an appointment with your doctor directly from the Internet.

It is not always easy to reach your doctor. Often overloaded, doctors today have full schedules and regularly turn away new patients. Fortunately, there are solutions that make it easy to make contact and book an appointment with your doctor in a few seconds.

A Luxembourg startup has designed a platform that allows you to browse the profiles of the different doctors in your area, enter some information about your health and schedule an appointment, in a fully automated way.

On his side, the doctor can use the software as a real digital agenda – for a monthly subscription fee of 99€. An expensive but effective solution, according to its creators.

With 5,000 registered doctors (in Belgium and Germany), we have reached critical mass,” explains Patrick Kersten, Doctena’s CEO.

Facilitating contact for the patient, the software is also very useful for doctors, who are often overwhelmed by the number of calls from their patients. “A physician receives about 100 calls for appointments each week. These last on average 3 minutes. Therefore, an application such as Doctena can save 300 minutes per week” explains Patrick Kersten.

Doctena is now established in Belgium, but also in Luxembourg, Germany and Switzerland, and aims to become an essential platform for both patients and doctors.

Source: geeko.lesoir.be

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