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Well-Child Checkups : The To-Do List Before Going Back To School

Wednesday 28 August 2019 - forpatient


Well-Child Checkups : The To-Do List Before Going Back To School

It’s back-to-school season and you have everything your child’s school has asked for on their back-to-school list from colored pencils to paper, but do these lists have requirements for well-child visits? The short answer is, no, most schools do not require a well-child checkup. In fact, many of them simply perform a school sports physical. Unfortunately, a sports physical is not the same as a well-child exam because it does not cover a full health examination.

This raises a number of questions:

how regularly should your children do a well-child visit?

What (if any) specialists should you see? How should parents prepare for these visits?

What is the difference between a Pediatrician or a Physician?

What is the easiest way to book those appointments?

We’ll cover all of those for a perfect back-to-school day. 

How Regularly Should Your Children Do A Well-Child Visit?

The answer to this question is dependant on the age of your school-aged child.

For younger children, you’ll want to seek a bi-annual checkup before the start of the school year and at the end of the school year. This ensures they’re in good health before the start of school and also to ensure they didn’t contract any health issues during school going into break. As your child grows older, depending on the state of their overall health, you’ll only need to do a well-child checkup once a year before school.

What is the difference between a pediatrician or a family physician?

It is necessary to know the differences between the two, but know that both are qualified to care for your children.

Pediatricians only specialize in children. They are trained to care for your children from the day they’re born to when they become adults. Family physicians don’t specialize in only children, but they can take care of all your family and children. Family doctors are also good if your family has specific health issues that run in the entire family, so you can schedule check-ups at the same time as your child.

Should you see a specialist?

It is necessary to have your child’s general health checked with a pediatrician or family physician. You most likely won’t need to see a specialist for vaccinations, and general pediatricians and family physicians can handle basic eye tests.

However, if they find your child is in need of vision correction or glasses they’ll most likely refer you to an ophthalmologist or optometrist. It’s also important to do dental check-ups bi-annually as well aside from a well-child visit because of how the teeth develop as your child ages.

How should you prepare for a visit?

Parents should always keep a note of their child’s health throughout the year. They should note everything from their child’s nutritional habits to their sleep habits. Parents should also take note of their mental and behavioral health as well.

Don’t wait until the annual visit to bring up concerns, especially if they’re mounting or are getting serious. Don’t be afraid to do a well-child visit as often as you feel is best for your own child. 

What is the easiest way to book your appointments online? 

Many doctors have an online calendar to book appointment quickly and easily. Check if your doctor is using Doctena by entering his name on the platform and get ready for the child-visit check up before back to school day!

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