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E-health: not only for the new generation!

Wednesday 07 November 2018 - forpatient


Technology has untangled and made much easier our life processes, starting from the most basic things, like cooking, with the appliances and the devices we use to streamline each cooking process, as well as for leisure activities, games for adults and children, technology represents a new aspect of life that is every time closer to us.
There are everywhere, and every day new advances developed that aim to solve new problems of society and offer more agile alternatives. if the technology and services that are requested and received through the internet are present in more and more areas, the health sector cannot remain on the sidelines. The patient's position has changed regarding his treatment with the doctor; the concept of the passive patient has remained in the background, positioning itself as an informed and active subject in the treatment. Networks, and specifically health applications, have helped in their way to that modification of life habits and, especially, to the improvement of treatments and control of patients.
Technological advances are changing the structure and organization of the medical field through a transformation driven by the inclusion of big data, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning, among others. The potential of big data lies in the possibility of combining traditional data with other new forms of data at both the individual and population levels and integrate structured and unstructured data.
The use of artificial intelligence can even translate into economic advantages since by helping to diagnose and detect diseases prematurely, it is possible to reduce spending on health and become more effective than traditional medicine methods.
Ok… this definitely sounds good, effective and a fast solution for our health problems. But a little complicated? Is it? Are these advances just for the new generations? No, here is where we make a mistake.
For the elderly, it may not be so attractive, given the complications that the new advances represent for them. However, the way in which these platforms and webs are designed offers a simple and friendly way to solve the health questions that overwhelm and worry us, in just simple steps you can schedule an appointment with the doctor that you decide, and it is not a joke, people can't believe how fast and easy this process is.
The patients can assess their doctor, thus avoiding false assessments. They can choose the doctor best rated in their specialty and the one recommended according to the patient's history and request an appointment online from any device.
Patients don’t need to be heavy users of the internet, you have to follow just a few steps to reach your online booking easily, a little guidance and education about how to do things first, and the rest is up to you. You choose the right time and the type of medical specialty required.
The reservation is automatic. The patient has an area that allows him to manage his appointments; and a public area that accesses the profile of the specialist on the web, where you can consult your public agenda and the ratings of other patients.
This arises from the need to provide a service that can be often chaotic and stressful for its users and ending the wait to request and book an appointment and optimize the processes between insurers and their medical staff. They save unnecessary calls and hikes to the doctor's offices, and you can make reservations at any time of the day.
With the increasing amount of new diseases and information everywhere, we often go crazy between suspicions of our health, or there is also the possibility that, due to personal and physical conditions, the person is incapacitated from taking long journeys and tedious wait lists to go to a health professional consultation who does a complete check and decides to perform routine laboratory tests. In these case of patients with certain impossibilities, there is even the comfortable option of having the doctor go to the patient's home to do the respective evaluation inside the house, saving bothersome discomforts of transportation and providing quality of life and tranquility physical and mental for the user, and for this no additional processes or calls to insurance are needed. With click here and a search there, it is possible, without a doubt, this advance represents one of the greatest benefits for elderly people.
We must take advantage of all the possibilities offered by the Internet and storage in the cloud to adapt the consultation to patients, who seek quality, speed, and immediate access; which is one of the most popular demands among patients. Everyone wants speed and quality, why not achieve it from the comfort of your home?

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