A next level consultation powered by Doctena!

Doctena now offers you the possibility to take your medical appointments as of
video consultations. Our new function now enables you to see a doctor immediately online
if you have any doubts about y
our health status, without having to leave your home.


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What exactly are video consultations?

A doctor from your home
Quickly consult a licensed physician remotely and talk to him/her about your symptoms from your smartphone, tablet or computer.

7/7 assistance
Get an appointment whenever you want based on given availabilities, even outside the opening hours of the medical practice.

An account in a few clicks only
Use your Doctena account or create one: it’s easy, fast and secure! In addition, the doctor receives your information in advance so that he can concentrate on his diagnosis.

A reminder system before your video consultation
Email reminders tell you the date and time of your consultation and the link to connect with your doctor at the given time.

A reimbursed system
Enjoy a refund for your video consultation, just like for physical visits to your usual doctor’s office.

A clear diagnosis
Discuss your symptoms with a healthcare professional, who will then make a diagnosis and recommend a treatment. Get your prescription quickly by mail/email.

How does it work?

On the Doctena platform, I’m looking for a
medical professional of to a given specialty
thanks to the filter for video consultation.
I book an appointment in a few clicks only.


I join the video consultation at the date
and time of the appointment using the
link displayed on my Doctena account
or in a reminder email.


I talk to the practitioner who makes a
diagnosis – he tells me how the consultation
is reimbursed and how I get the
medical prescription.


How do I need to prepare for the video consultation?

In order to ensure a smooth functioning of the video consultation, make sure the following equipment is available:

a sufficiently recent smartphone or computer an internet connection with sufficient speed
a camera with satisfactory resolution a microphone

Furthermore, allow video and audio permissions to our video consultation service when requested and make sure you’re in a silent and sufficiently illuminated environment.

If the above-mentioned requirements are not satisfied, the practitioner may terminate the video consultation and, if he or she deems it appropriate, charge the patient for costs relating to the procedures already carried out. In case the patient feels negatively impacted due to degraded performance or quality during the video consultation, he is obliged to communicate this to the practitioner.

What about refunds?

A video consultation is equivalent to a physical consultation in the medical practice – the same
type of reimbursement applies.  For more information about video consultations,
please visit the official website of the Government of your country:


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