New configuration view for visit reasons – Doctena Pro



Doctena is the leading online medical booking platform. We are continuously improving our platform to provide a useful tool.

January was dedicated entirely to the improved presentation and extension of the reasons for the visit. We have updated for you the view to configure the visit reasons – not only visually.

  • You can now configure your visit reasons for each practice you work at.
  • It is now possible to configure the minimum lead time – i. e. the period from which patients and referring practitioners no longer see nor can book an availability – individually for each visit reason. If you do not need an individual lead time, leave the field blank and the default value from your settings will be used.
  • Just like many of you asked us for, we have introduced the maximum lead time, i. e. the period from which availability becomes visible and bookable for patients and referring physicians. This can also be configured individually for each visit reason.
  • Further improvements are, e. g. the possibility to remove visit reasons, to copy them to other practices or to colleagues. We have also extended and refreshed the range of colours.


New configuration view for visit reasons - Doctena Pro

New configuration view for visit reasons – Doctena Pro



These new features are especially useful in combination with the new booking rules (Link to Patient Status rule type), which we will activate in a first step for Doctena PRO users in Germany and then for all other users.


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Doctena is the leading European Online-Calendar for doctors. The organisation has its headquarter in the heart of Luxembourg. It is the goal of Doctena to simplify the access to available appointments of doctors and specialists for patients. Patients can both see and book available appointments via the online platform or the smartphone app. Today, Doctena is available in Belgium, Germany, Austria, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, and Switzerland. The solution is compatible with many medical bookingsofwares and can therefore easily be integrated in existing structures of doctors and their practices. 


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