The creation of work schedule templates to simplify the procedure for publishing availabilities in your calendar, you already knew.
Today, we are offering you a new section to further configure these templates in order to take the automation and simplification of your agenda a step further.

Go to the work schedule templates page, in the Settings section of your Doctena Pro agenda.


By default, these settings are preconfigured so that they do not impact your current organization; we have taken into account what was indicated in the “Rolling Template” field in the Provider(s) section of your settings (a field that has since been moved to the new template configuration page).

  • Now, it is up to you to refine the configuration of your schedule models (or not!).
    You can determine a date from which your schedule template should apply to your agenda (corresponding, for example, to the opening date of your new medical practice);

  • You can also determine the number of weeks (from today’s date) during which availabilities must be permanently published in your calendar (for each day that passes, a new availabilities day is published in your calendar to keep to the number of weeks you have indicated)