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Some consultations require specific equipment or the assistance of a member of the practice’s staff. In the case where you are several practitioners sharing these different resources, a good organization is essential.

That’s why we offer you a new Resource Management module.

Start by identifying the different resources available to the practice/building (in the “Resources” section of your settings); you can then share them between different practices (for example, in the case where you are several teams working in the same office).

You can then assign one or more resources to your visit reasons (in the visit reasons section, therefore). E.g.: for the purpose of the visit “radiology consultation”, the “radiology room” and the accompaniment of the “radiology assistant” are required.

This is to say the resources are associated with a practice and not specifically with one practitioner. It is up to the practice manager to determine who within the team is authorized to create and configure resources.

Note that if you have several resources of the same type (e. g. Radiology room 1; Radiology room 2); you can group them into resource categories. To do this, go to the “Resource Group” section to create your different categories. This way, you can assign “resource types” (categories) to your reasons for visit and/or booking (e.g. for organizing a radio, I will need a radiology room, no matter which one).

If several availabilities associated with the same resources are published at the same time slot (in the agenda of different practitioners sharing the same resources), the reservation of one of these availabilities will instantly mask the availability of the other agendas on the online booking platform (to avoid that the same resources are reserved at the same time by several practitioners!

On the other hand, when a doctor makes a reservation via the booking window of his agenda, he may well book a resource, even if it is already booked by a colleague.

Please note that this requires the activation of the new booking window.

Last but not least: all your resources are also displayed on the left side of your calendar. If you click on one of them, the calendar of that resource will be displayed (and you will see, at a glance, when that resource is still available).


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Doctena is the leading European Online-Calendar for doctors. The organisation has its headquarter in the heart of Luxembourg. It is the goal of Doctena to simplify the access to available appointments of doctors and specialists for patients. Patients can both see and book available appointments via the online platform or the smartphone app. Today, Doctena is available in Belgium, Germany, Austria, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, and Switzerland. The solution is compatible with many medical bookingsofwares and can therefore easily be integrated in existing structures of doctors and their practices. 

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