The booking rules – Patient status



Booking rules are a new feature for you.

They enable you to configure your visit reasons based on specific rule types.

Here, we tell you more about the rule type: Patient status

Die Regelwerte lauten: New patient and Existing patient

Warning: The booking rules are not compatible with the old integration plugin of your Doctena calendar on the practice’s website. As a reminder, the new plugin is available in the integration parameters of Doctena Pro.


The booking rules – Patient status

The booking rules – Patient status – Doctena


Once the rule type Patient status has been activated, you can start creating rules for your visit reasons. Those rules allow you to define which maximum and minimum lead time – meaning the timeframe in which an availability is visible to others – and the duration for privately and publicly insured patients. You can also define whether this visit reason is available for patients of this type on the patient portal or for referrers.



A practitioner has configured the visit reason Consultation so that, in case a patient is a new patient, only the practitioner himself can book an appointment for it. This means that a patient who has never had an appointment with this practitioner before is not able to book an appointment for this visit reason online. Neither can a referrer.

The practitioner has not defined a rule for existing patients.

When a patient indicates that he is an existing patient, or when a referrer or the practitioner himself books an appointment for an existing patient, then the Standard applies. Hence, the duration for an existing patient is 20 minutes and can be booked by patients online, as well as by referrers and the practitioner internally.

Once the practitioner publishes an availability for this visit reason, it will be visible to patients who indicated to be existing patients online and to referrers who are searching for this visit reason for an existing patient between 60 days and 4 hours before the appointment.


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