Synchronisation with your daily calendar – Doctena Pro


Do you use Outlook, Google, or Apple’s Calendar to manage your private and or professional agenda? So why not also synchronise your agenda from Agenda Pro with it?

We have worked on a solution that allows you to both synchronise appointments and opening hours from Doctena Pro with your other calendar, but also synchronise changes to appointments, new appointments or create events that block timeslots on your Doctena Pro.

Does that sound like something that might interest you? Then get in touch with us here. We’d love to give you a demonstration. This and many more features, subtle tweaks, adjustments and improvements have been introduced to our clients and their patients.

Every day we’re improving Doctena’s services, and every 8-12 weeks we tend to ship significant upgrades. We’re working on some great stuff now — we look forward to rolling it out when it’s ready.

Stay tuned to this blog, or follow us on Twitter at to stay up on the latest.

If you’re a customer, thanks so much! And if you aren’t, but you find yourself struggling with appointment management, too many phone calls and too little visibility online, it’s time to give Doctena a shot. We’d like to give you a tour and discuss your options.




Want to know more about Doctena Pro?

Doctena is the leading European Online-Calendar for doctors. The organisation has its headquarter in the heart of Luxembourg. It is the goal of Doctena to simplify the access to available appointments of doctors and specialists for patients. Patients can both see and book available appointments via the online platform or the smartphone app. Today, Doctena is available in Belgium, Germany, Austria, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, and Switzerland. The solution is compatible with many medical bookingsofwares and can therefore easily be integrated in existing structures of doctors and their practices. 

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