3 Steps to Reduce Patient No-Shows

Published on 28/08/2023

Say Goodbye to Patient No-Shows

Every practice team has seen it – you are eagerly awaiting a patient’s arrival only to eventually face the frustration of a last-minute cancellation or worse, a complete no-show. Research indicates that in Europe, there is a 15-20% rate of no-shows in primary care appointments. This may result in wasted time slots, potential revenue loss and a frustrated practice team. But don’t worry, as we will provide some guidance on how to minimise patient no-shows and create a more seamless appointment booking experience. In this article, we’ll explore practical tips and techniques to finally bid farewell to those dreaded patient no-shows. Find out how to reduce Patient No-Shows with a Medical Office Software.

offer your patients a relaxed online booking environment

First, Reduce No-Shows by Offering Your Patients a Relaxed Online Booking Environment

The first step in reducing no-shows is to ensure a smooth online appointment booking process. Provide your patients a user-friendly place where they can choose their preferred date, time, and language. By offering a hassle-free booking experience, you will help your patients to commit more to their appointments.

remind your patients of their appointments

Second, Remind Your Patients of Their Appointments to Not Miss Them

Your patients forget appointments regularly? By keeping up the communication with your patients, you can increase attendance rates and reduce no-shows by up to 70%. Through a smart and automated reminder system, you keep your patients informed ahead of their scheduled appointments. They will receive an email and/or SMS several days or hours before the actual appointment. In there are all important details such as time, location, and any specific instructions. And it’s up to you when to send out these automated reminders. 

Ensure Flexible Cancellation and Rescheduling of Appointments

Lastly, Ensure Flexible Cancellation and Rescheduling of Patient Appointments

Another key point is to make sure to give them enough flexibility in the appointment scheduling. Like this you can further solidify patients’ commitment to their appointments. How? Inside the email reminder, your patients can choose within a few seconds only to reschedule or cancel the appointment. You can decide how much time before the appointment you want to enable them to cancel or reschedule an appointment. This will certainly give you and your patients even more flexibility.


“The feature I like the most is the appointment reminder for patients. Indeed, it allows them to send an SMS or an email reminding them of their appointment. This is very helpful and avoids a lot of missed appointments or no-shows. ” – Dr. Philippe Weitzel

Testimonial of a dentist


And, what else? 

Avoid Long Waiting Times for your Patients

Minimising waiting times is the key to keeping your patients happy and reducing the chances of no-shows. With smart scheduling practices, you can make sure to have adequate time slots between appointments. To put it another way, prevent overcrowding and lengthy waiting periods by using a smart medical agenda to mange appointments. By providing a smooth and punctual experience, patients will feel valued and are more likely to honour their appointments.

And here’s a little secret to make your scheduling a breeze: with Doctena, you can customise your time slots fitting to your needs, even by reasons of visit.

Master your Medical Schedule

Make the most of your online agenda by optimising it for a seamless appointment booking experience. Predefine your availability by your own convenience, defining the time of a slot. Set up specific appointment types so your patients can book the service they really need. By mastering your schedule, you’ll enhance patient satisfaction and reduce the likelihood of no-shows, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience for all.

Patient no-shows can be a persistent challenge for you, leading to disruptions and lost opportunities. However, by implementing effective strategies, such as streamlining appointment booking, sending reminders, confirming patient appointments in advance, optimising wait times, and fostering patient engagement, you can significantly reduce no-show rates. By creating a seamless and patient-centric appointment experience, you can bid farewell to the frustration of patient no-shows and ensure a more efficient and productive practice for everyone involved. Together, let’s build a healthcare system where missed appointments become a thing of the past and reduce Patient No-Shows with a Medical Office Software

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