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Online payment for treatments, therapies, prescriptions and much more


Many possible use-cases

  • Appointments to be paid for by the patient
  • Private services (e.g. dental cleaning, laboratory tests…)
  • Cancellation fees
  • Remote consultations by video or phone
  • Issuing of follow-up prescriptions

Optimize your online-bookings

Set prices for your various services.

To complete an appointment booking, your patients must provide their credit card details.

After the appointment, adjust the amount according to the services you have provided and request payment.

The amount is collected from the patient’s account and credited to yours.

What you get

  • Individual activation and pricing depending on the reason of visit
  • Easy to read payment overview for you and your patients
  • No missed or late payments
  • Higher adherence to appointments
  • Adjustment of the consultation price even after the appointment

More service for your patients

Your patients will be informed about your tariffs before booking an appointment and can easily and quickly indicate their credit card details. Outstanding amounts are paid online directly after the appointment, which also gives your practice staff time to care for other patients.

After the appointment your patients will automatically receive a confirmation of payment. In addition, all treatments and payments are clearly listed in their Doctena patient accounts.

How it works

The online-payment feature is directly integrated in your Doctena online-booking module. When the payment option is active, your patient is asked to indicate his payment details when booking an appointment. After the appointment you can adjust and confirm the payment.

Treatment selection

Appointment selection

Credit card details and booking

Appointment with the patient

Price confirmation and charging

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