Luxembourg web doctor Patrick Kersten launches

Publié le 25 September, 2013


Patrick Kersten ( and launches, with Alain Fontaine, director of VA Consulting,, a platform for medical appointments.

Patrick Kersten has just founded Doctena s.a., a company incorporated under Luxembourg law, which offers a service to facilitate the booking of appointments through the use of new technologies. Patrick Kersten is known for having several Internet projects to his credit in the Luxembourg sphere. He contributed to the launch of Then he created which he managed until 2012.

He is joined in the adventure by Alain Fontaine, director of VA Consulting. Ptah Dunbar, VA Consulting’s Web Developer and Zend Certified Engineer is working on the development side and Vincent Malempré is in charge of business development. offers the patient the possibility to search for a doctor and to directly request an appointment. The user clicks on the day and time that suits him best. And that’s it! A request for an appointment is sent to the doctor. The latter will confirm his availability within half a working day. A consultation is organized.

From its launch, offers access to more than 50 doctors, from 10 different specialties, speaking 9 languages and in 10 locations.’s reception on Facebook shows the interest of patients, as the page with 1300 fans is in the Top 5 of brand pages with the highest monthly growth.

By Raphael Henry

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