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Our most popular functionalities

A complete profile & online booking module on the Doctena platform

Boost your practice’s visibility and allow your patients to easily schedule their next appointment with you on Doctena. Any patient can easily find you by name, specialty, location, and language. Less back-and-forth phone calls or emails, but a 24/7 online booking for your patients.

Integrated appointment scheduling plug-in

You can now offer your patients the convenience of scheduling appointments directly on your website without the hassle. Plus, if you have an EMD, our plug-in can seamlessly integrate with it for even greater convenience.

A secure solution to exchange with patients

Appointment confirmations, changes and cancellations are sent to your patients via an automated e-mail and SMS tracking system, so they are always aware of their appointment status. If they are unable to travel, you can still provide care through the safe and easy-to-use Doctena teleconsultation system.

Connect with Your Patients for Comfortable Care

Automated appointment confirmation and reminders for patients

Send confirmation emails and SMS/email reminders to patients before their appointment and review any pending appointment requests in just a few minutes, reducing no-shows. You can also customize the reminder text for a more individualized communication with patients.

Digital waiting list, reduce gaps in your schedule

During the appointment scheduling process, your patients can sign up for a waiting list in case an earlier time slot becomes available. When an appointment is canceled, the patient then receives an email notification with the opportunity to reschedule their appointment.

Appointment scheduling based on your own booking rules

You can guide your patients through the online appointment scheduling process by setting your own booking rules upon your needs, such as pre-appointment questions, personalized availability based on the patient’s profile and/or required service.

Benefit from a Flexible and Secure Online Agenda

Private and secure teleconsultation module

Provide more flexible and accessible care for your patients by offereing teleconsultation. This feature allows you to conduct appointments remotely, conducting more regular follow-ups with your patients or use teleconsultation to give or request a second opinion. Plus, with the added benefit of secure video conferencing, you can be confident that all consultations are private and confidential.

A secure online payment collection solution for patients

Get paid faster and offer your patients a safe and convenient way to pay online. Choose which type(s) of consultations are eligible for this feature, manage all your payments in one place, and send invoices to patients directly from your Doctena account.

Compliance with the highest data security standards

Rest assured that your patient data is safe and secure with Doctena’s commitment to the highest data security standards. Protect your practice and your patients.

Stand out from the crowd and reach the patients who need you

Online practitioner profile on Doctena

You have access to a fully optimized online practitioner profile on doctena.at
This not only helps you gain visibility on search engines like Google or Bing, but also gives an excellent first impression of your practice when patients schedule an appointment with you for the first time. Showcase your expertise and services, and build trust with patients before they even step foot in your practice

Patient reviews and recommendations

Showcase your practice in the best possible light by collecting positive recommendations and reviews from your patients and and let their evaluations speak for themselves. You can not only improve your online reputation but also increase the number of new patients who choose to schedule appointments with you.

An agenda that can be consulted anywhere

Stay organised and on top of your schedule with Doctena’s convenient and accessible agenda. Access your appointments from anywhere, at any time, and keep track of your patients with ease. In addition, whether you work alone or in a team, in one or several offices, you can customize your Doctena agenda according to your work rhythm.

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