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I'm Liam Smith, I'm a physiotherapist specialized in neurology. I come from a French school, then I continued my studies in Luxembourg. I have been working for about two years now. I started my first practice in Esch-sur-Alzette and now I am working with several colleagues here in Dommeldange.

What is a typical day like in your practice?

If I can describe a typical day, it usually starts around 10 am and ends at 8 pm. I have patients who come for quite different reasons, most of the time it's for  "general" physiotherapy. I am also specialized in neurology, and I am starting to have more and more consultations on this subject. This concerns in particular victims of cardiovascular accidents, people with multiple sclerosis or Parkinson's syndrome. 

In addition, I always devote a part of my day to home visits, in order to offer adapted care to elderly people or people with reduced mobility.

What has Doctena changed in your professional life?

When I started using Doctena, I noticed that many patients came through it. They were able to make an appointment by seeing that I was nearby for example, or available at a convenient time for them. My reputation has grown over time, by itself. I am very happy about that. 

On my Doctena agenda, I have been able to set up different reasons for consultation, so that my days are optimized and I can dedicate time adapted to each patient and his pathology. This is also very practical for me beforehand, as it allows me to anticipate the treatment.

Another feature that has changed my life is the fact that I can be accompanied by your customer service in case of questions or doubts. This has served me well. It's true that we sometimes had small bugs, and the team was always there to support us and help us. I am much more relaxed about my organization.

You share your practice with several practitioners, speaking about the organization, how does it work?

The use of the diary in the practice is optimal, 5 of us use it and everything is centralized. There are four of us physiotherapists, plus a sports doctor who is present for part of the week. All their Doctena diaries are integrated, which allows me to assign a patient or make an appointment for one or the other, and vice versa when it is for me. It works both ways. We don't have a common diary, we have our own separate diaries, but they can all be consulted.

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Success stories - page (112.762 × 80mm) (1)

What was it like before Doctena?

I worked for the first year in Paris, after my studies. At that time, all appointments were taken by phone. And so, the phone rang a lot! 

With Doctena, we still have some calls, of course, but in general, patients prefer to look at the different slots quietly by themselves. This frees up a lot of work time for my assistant, who is now more available for me.

What would you tell your colleagues about your experience with Doctena?

I would recommend Doctena to them, for all the reasons I mentioned earlier: to free up time from their assistants who sometimes have to answer the phone and spend a lot of time on it. Also, Doctena will allow them to bring in new patients thanks to the online visibility…it's a very good tool to get new patients in addition to the ones they already have. And then the calendar is very practical, as I said, the fact of having it on the laptop or even on the mobile phone and being able to consult it anywhere at any time, it's great. 

One last thing to say?

I would say that I am very satisfied. Doctena allowed me to get started. I arrived in the health market and people didn't know me. Then I put myself on Doctena and it allowed me to have my first patients. Then, word of mouth quickly spread, so I can clearly say that it was Doctena that allowed me to launch my activity here in Luxembourg City.

As I said, my patients are very happy. Doctena allows them to see what’s the best time to come, according to their schedule and my availability.

Thanks to Doctena, my team is also very satisfied because they save a lot of time, and the phone rings much less, which allows them to be at my side and do other tasks. 

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