Why online reviews matter for medical practices!

Published on 22/08/2022

Patient ratings

Did you know that the decision for a new patient to book a medical appointment with a practitioner is largely impacted by the first impressions a patient has after consulting the practitioner’s online profile?

Practitioners are nowadays essentially recommended based on their reputation and presentation online. A survey on online reputation in healthcare shows that 50.8% of the respondents said that they had selected a practitioner over another based on reviews they found online. So the more recommendations a practitioner has online, the easier it gets for him to acquire new patients.

To make the most out of your online reputation, start with these 3 top doctor review sites:

1) Google My Business

Creating a Google My Business profile helps you highlight the health services you offer and gain more visibility for your practice business. Receive direct feedback from patients and respond to their reviews directly through your Business Profile. Your public reviews will help you establish trust with potential patients searching for your practice.

2) Yelp

Yelp is yet another platform to gain visibility in review for medical practitioners. Make sure to build a good presence with a complete profile on Yelp, including information about your practice as well as responding to reviews from your patients!

3) Doctena

Health practitioners starting with Doctena, benefit from a complete and personalised profile on Doctena with an integrated booking module. Your profile on Doctena is fully optimised for search engines such as Google or Bing and helps you and other health practitioners improve your visibility online so you get found more easily.

Showcase your ratings and reviews on your profile to create more trust with potentially new patients!

Using Doctena, you can:

  1. Collect feedback from your patients automatically after their appointment.
  2. Choose to display or not these reviews on your online profile.
  3. Collect recommendations from patients and display them automatically on your online profile.

You can also add an official certificate on your website with the total number of ratings.

How to ask patients for reviews?

Gathering positive reviews is not as easy as it seems, because complaining is always easier than pointing out the positive. Therefore, it is crucial to proactively ask your patients for feedback.

When using Doctena, a practitioner has the option to ask his patients for feedback after their consultation automatically.

When patients book an appointment, they receive an automated email after their consultation asking for feedback on aspects including the communication, the waiting time, how much they are likely to recommend you, and any other feedback they might want to share. The answers are then sent automatically to the practitioner.

Top 3 aspects patients consider when giving reviews

As a practitioner, it is essential to constantly improve the quality of the service you offer to patients. Therefore, it is crucial to monitor feedback from patients and collect data in a way that can be leveraged to identify opportunities for improvement. But what do patients give feedback on?

1) Practice staff

In the vast majority of reviews, patients evaluate the quality of service and manners of the practice team.

2) Waiting time

Waiting time is also among the most rated concerns for patients.

3) Hygiene

As a result of the pandemic, hygiene and cleanliness have become extremely important concerns for patients. In medical facilities, more attention is now being paid to these points.

Make sure to respond to what patients are saying! The effort you put into acquiring and managing reviews will eventually lead to acquiring and retaining more patients as well as bringing overall business growth to your healthcare practice.

Feel free to contact us for further discussion on acquiring new patients and creating a public profile on Doctena.

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