Medical Management Software for midwives

Save time in your medical practice

Discover Doctena Pro

Medical Management Software for midwives

Save time in your medical practice

Discover Doctena Pro

The benefits of Doctena for a midwife

Don't waste any more time managing appointment scheduling

As a midwife, optimise the management of your practice with a modern and comprehensive medical software. Thanks to an online medical agenda that is specifically designed for your practice, you will also improve the access to care and the follow-up of your patients.

Access your medical schedule where you want, when you want

Our medical scheduling software is accessible from your computer, tablet or smartphone. You can check on your practice information at any time, wherever you are.

Offer telemedicine and expand access to health services for patients

Online consultation helps maintain continuity of care for your patients. Increase social distancing and delivering prescriptions to patients at home.

Make it easier for your patients to book medical appointments

Your patients can book appointments 24/7, your practice receives less incoming calls and you fill available slots even at the last minute.

Customize your practice schedule according to your needs

Set every parameter so that your online booking system meets all your expectations. Open available time slots and select visit reasons according to your specialty.

Install and master your online medical schedule in no time

Our dedicated team helps you set up your medical booking system. Become an expert instantly thanks to our complete documentation.

Communicate in real time with your patients and reduce missed appointments

Let patients book, cancel or reschedule appointments online 24/7. Reduce missed appointments with automatic email and text messages reminders.

Improve your online visibility and find new patients

Your Doctena listing makes it easy for patients to find your practice. Let patients book online appointments on our platform or directly on your website.

Sync our patient scheduling software with your infrastructure

Doctena integrates immediately into your existing infrastructure. Interfaces seamlessly with the most common practice management applications.

Our partners

Doctena easily integrates with your existing infrastructure. Our interfaces with the most common practice management applications in Luxembourg allow a secure data exchange between your existing systems and Doctena Pro.

Doctena and the midwives

Several hundreds of midwives use Doctena every day

96% of patients are satisfied and recommend Doctena

Monthly, 1.7 million medical appointments are booked on our platform

Data protection and security


3 features to assist you in your work as a midwife in Luxembourg

1. Automatic appointment management

Thanks to the agenda features, all your appointments are automatically managed (rescheduling, reminders, automatic follow-up appointments). You no longer have to inform each patient manually. Our software enables you to reduce the time spent on administrative tasks in your practice and maximise the time you have available for practising your profession.

2. Fully customisable medical agenda

When booking appointments online, you decide on the open hours, the duration of your trips and consultations. You can also specify how far in advance and in what order appointments can be booked. This reduces the number of phone calls you have to handle and enables your patients to schedule appointments even when you are not available.

3. Online appointment booking on your website

We offer midwives the option of integrating our online appointment solution into their website. Thanks to the Doctena Pro software module, the integration with your website is easy and without delay.

Frequently asked questions

Doctena is an online medical appointment scheduling software that facilitates the relationship between health professionals and patients.

For the health professional, Doctena offers a complete suite of solutions including:

  • Customizable online booking calendars ;
  • Support for email and SMS reminders ;
  • Integration with various providers (Camphor, CBC Informatique, EMED, GECAMed) ;
  • Video-consultation capabilities ;
  • Many more features…

For the patient, Doctena is the most efficient way to search for medical practitioners online and book appointments with them. Our directory of more than 10.000 practitioners to date, is constantly growing and regroups all kinds of doctors and health professionals, allowing the patient to choose the practitioner that best suits his needs based on (location, speciality, ratings, etc.)

We offer healthcare professionals different packages depending on the needs and size of their practice. You can start small and add more services as you go.

No. Doctena is completely free for your patients.

The protection and security of your data is Doctena’s number one priority.

We make sure to:

  • Transfer all data through secured protocols (HTTPS) ;
  • Use bank-grade encryption on our servers to ensure maximum security and privacy for you and your patients ;
  • Host our data in a secure facility in Europe and back it up regularly ;
  • Run regular data protection security audits to keep our processes safe and secure at all times.

No, Doctena will not replace your assistant.

Doctena streamlines your overall processes by offering a complete set of tools designed to optimise the organisation and administrative management of your practice. This reduces the administrative burden of your medical practice and allows your assistant to focus on more value adding tasks.

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