Luxembourg: Doctors do teleconsultation

Published on 27 March, 2020

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After making appointments, the Doctena app now allows doctors to consult patients via teleconsultation.

In these times of necessary confinement, teleconsultation can and will save lives, says Patrick Kersten, CEO and co-founder of Doctena, we are confident that within a few days 10% of doctors in Luxembourg will offer teleconsultation slots.

After booking appointments, the Doctena app now also allows doctors to consult patients via teleconsultation. This practice is reimbursed by the National Health Fund .

This platform avoids the patient to physically go to a crowded waiting room and to incur a risk of infection that can be estimated as considerable in the current time.

How does it work?

When making an appointment, the patient can identify which healthcare professionals offer teleconsultation and choose this type of visit at the times predefined by the physician.

The patient then receives an appointment confirmation email containing a secure link to an encrypted video channel that can only be accessed by the patient and the physician at the agreed upon time.

Confidentiality and security are thus respected.

No network problems

People who are confined to their homes will continue to be able to consult their doctor in complete safety.

The connectivity required for the teleconsultations is provided in partnership with POST Luxembourg, which has the Healthnet network as its provider: ” Our goal is to provide an optimal connectivity service and to offer priority technical support to the doctors “, notes Cliff Konsbruck, Director of POST Telecom.

Did you know that?

Doctena is one of the European leaders in online appointment scheduling with 1.5 million medical appointments managed per month.

The application is available in Benelux, Germany, Switzerland and Austria. More than 10,000 doctors work with Doctena solutions.


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