Coronavirus: a video-consultation solution made available free of charge to all physicians

Published on 30 March, 2020

A video-consultation solution will be made available free of charge to all doctors in the country and their patients during this period of confinement, Doctena, a digital platform for making medical appointments, and Proximus announced on Thursday.

In addition to “seeing” the patient, video consultation avoids the need for the patient to physically go to a waiting room and risk infection, supports Doctena, a Luxembourg-based company. This further protects the medical profession, which has already experienced too many infections, she points out.

The proposed module is compatible with all practices and all specialties, without having to call into question the tools already in place, the platform assures.

When booking an appointment online, the patient will receive a confirmation email containing a secure link to an encrypted video channel that can only be accessed by the patient and physician at the agreed upon time via any camera-enabled device.

In the context of the health crisis of Covid-19, the Inami has decided to grant reimbursement for the patient of teleconsultations, the Luxembourg company still recalls. She hopes that a large number of doctors will be able to offer teleconsultation slots in the coming days thanks to the support of Proximus.

Teleconsultation requires a lot of bandwidth. The Belgian operator assures to take the necessary measures to guarantee the continuity of the service for the Internet connection of the health professionals.


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