Bruvax, the Brussels vaccination registration platform, is launched

Published on 19 April, 2021


As of Monday 19 April, Brussels residents who meet the age criteria for vaccination can make an appointment or put themselves on the waiting list to be vaccinated via the Bruvax system.

Simply enter your national registration number, name and address. “This simpler system will be able to allow physicians, pharmacists or municipalities to enroll people who didn’t get it. In this way, we hope to increase the percentage of people over 65 who have been vaccinated.”

The link to the platform :

At this time, the accepted age category is those born in 1965 or earlier, invitational and at-risk patients can also register for their injection on Bruvax. Access to the Brussels waiting list is open to people born in 1970 or before 1970, residing in the Brussels region. Gradually, registration for these waiting lists will be expanded. The idea is to avoid clogging the system from day one.

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