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Why it is Important for a Patient to see the Picture of the Doctor when Making an Online Appointment?

Wednesday 03 January 2018 - fordoctor


Picture of the Doctor : the trend of making online appointments by patients is gaining popularity at a rapid pace. Numerous practitioners and hospitals have now online portals that allow patients to book an appointment with their doctor online. It offers easy ways for a patient to search for a doctor in their area and book an appointment.
The biggest reason behind the popularity of such platform is the convenience of patients. They can find a specialized doctor in their vicinity and book an appointment easily right from the comfort of their home. The basic criteria for selection of a doctor for booking an appointment by the patient include their expertise and experience. However, another factor, often neglected by the doctors, that acts as a hindrance in their selection by patients on online portals is the unavailability of their picture.
Let’s shed a light at a few reasons why it is important for doctors to have their picture on the online portal for an increased number of appointments by patients.

Trust Factor

It has been generally observed that doctors who have their pictures on the platforms like are more preferred by patients because it generates a trust factor. Patients are more likely to book an appointment with them as compared to the ones who do not have their pictures. Since online world is filled with scams, a doctor with their picture up on or other such platform adds to the trust factor.


In certain cases, patients want to book an appointment with the doctor of a particular gender. For example, some women may not be comfortable with a male doctor for certain issues. Similarly, some men will also not like to share their personal issues with female doctors. Platforms like allow them to book an appointment with a doctor of their choice. However, not having a picture up there may add to their confusion.


Knowing about your doctors and being familiarize with how they look adds to patient’s confidence. They feel at ease while discussing their issues with them. Moreover, by looking at their image, patients may also get to know whether the doctor is experienced or not. For example, a young doctor may not have the same experience and exposure, which a senior doctor boasts of.

A Final Word

All in all, it can be deduced from the above-mentioned factors that it is important for a doctor to have their picture on online appointment booking platforms. As discussed above, it will increase the number of appointment bookings and trust factor of patients will increase. Furthermore, it will give their profile a rather personalized touch. Since there is a huge number of doctors available on such platforms, having a picture will help you get noticed.

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