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Health to meet your goals. The good resolution.

Thursday 24 January 2019 - forpatient


Now that the holidays are over, the new year really begins. And with the return of the routines, comes at this time, the moment to actually start with the good resolutions of the year, and although we always focus on those purposes that will make us get a better figure or financial results, why not better focus on those that will make us more healthier? After all, as long as we are healthy, we will be able to accomplish everything. For this, we have for you this selection of new year resolutions, which include tips you can apply every day to accomplish them.

Meet the water challenge: drink 1, 5 liters a day

That amount scares, but what if we turn it into 6 glasses of water distributed throughout the day?
Many people find drinking water boring. To make it more appetizing you can add different substances that, in addition to flavor, will bring up their qualities. For example, a few drops of lemon will make it more depurative and help you eliminate liquids
If you drink one glass before and another after breakfast, lunch, and dinner, you will only have two or three glasses to complete your daily needs. It will also help you feel full and keep weight under control

More medical checks and less self-medication

Pain medications provide relief, but it is important to balance the benefits and potential risks, such as liver damage, fluid retention, increased blood pressure and digestive problems.
If the pain is so acute, it is more advisable that you go with a specialist doctor who can guide you to a more effective solution through a medical check-up.
Many people judge those who for a simple flu or discomfort, go to the doctor without thinking twice. What these people do not know is that visiting the doctor periodically is something responsible and necessary.
Currently, we tend to wait for something to happen to us to seek treatment and solve it.
This is a serious mistake. Visiting the doctor periodically can prevent us from having multiple illnesses throughout the year. This does not mean that we are not going to get the flu, for example. However, it can mean that, instead of being 4 times with the flu, we are only one.

Little by little with your body

The benefits to health from physical activity are demonstrated, however, we are not saying that tomorrow morning you must go jogging for 30 minutes. Instead, convince yourself that everything is progressive and it should be to your liking.
Do not plan complicated physical activities. Go safe and basic. Start walking at an hour of the day that is comfortable and go adding more difficulty as you get used to it. Impose this habit and check its benefits. As for extras, you can already plan spinning classes, running, or Cross Fit exercises, but remember, the basics at the end are what count. It is useless to plan large sports activities if they are not met.Think about signing up to a race or competition that supposes a sporting challenge: if we sign up to some sports event: race or sports league, for example, we will be more predisposed and we will have a good motivation to train daily. Having a goal will always help us move.

"I will relax and rest "

What do you like to do?  massages? Go to the movies? Choose a weekly whim to give yourself some of these simple pleasures and do not leave it.
There are many illnesses that can show up after a prolonged period of stress. Do you think you live an agitated life? Maybe you think you are being productive, but you are sacrificing your health. Try to find balance, and see a relaxation time like a must do. Because it is.

Move to the " slow food "

This means taking food calmly. Do not eat in a hurry and enjoy the food. It is also related to avoiding fast food and betting on more homemade food and cooked with time and natural products.
Small changes give great results. Rome was not made in a day, and it is still to come for the summer. Instead of making drastic changes, try to modify your eating behaviors little by little. Replace each week some processed foods with others that are nutritious until, progressively, you learn to live without them. A good trick is to prepare the supermarket list before leaving home - and not cheating! Select the foods and control the portions. The interesting thing is that, if we give the body what it needs according to our level of activity and lifestyle, we will feel satisfied, with the necessary and lively energy.

Do not spend more than 30 minutes in a row sitting in front of a screen:

If there is one thing that is certain is that we have a digital world that is full of distractions.
At any moment someone shares a picture with you, a message arrives on your cell phone, the client writes to you at eleven o'clock at night or you get lost watching silly videos on Facebook.
The technological sedentary lifestyle is one of the great evils of this century. Sitting for long periods of time is very harmful to our health, you can spend hours sitting, and suddenly your legs start to hurt, or as much time delving into Instagram you get a tired sight. Discipline setting a time limit to do these activities. It is advisable, every 30 minutes, to get up and take a walk or do a minimum of exercise.

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