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Online medical booking : More health, less stress

Wednesday 29 November 2017 - forpatient


How online medical booking further reduces patients’ waiting time and stress.

A patient's medical journey to see a doctor is too often long and tedious: call the secretary's office to make an appointment, find out that there is no availability for several days, weeks or months, and wait in the office on D-day. This cycle starts again if the patient is required to consult a new specialist afterwards. Innovative solutions are proposed with online medical booking to improve the patient experience and reduce waiting times.
Waiting for an appointment and worrying about your health are real stressors. This is why more and more websites (Doctena/Europe, Hotdoc/Australia, Zocdoc/United States, etc.) allow everyone to make appointments with a doctor online, whatever the specialty they are looking for. The principle of online medical booking is simple: the patient makes an appointment online 24/7 in a few clicks with the doctor of his choice, at the available time slot that suits him; once reserved, the consultation is automatically displayed in the doctor's agenda; the patient receives a reminder as a text message the day before the appointment. The medical team can devote more time to patients without being systematically interrupted by calls during an examination - 60% of patients find this embarrassing.
In addition to this free service, some of the leaders in online medical booking offer innovative solutions to accompany patients throughout their medical journey. The goal is to always improve the patient's life by reducing waiting time and associated stress.

Just being notified

Reservations on the Internet now account for 30 to 50% of all appointments made with doctors who use a connected calendar (cloud agenda). Patients automatically receive a reminder text message the day before the appointment. In addition, doctors' offices can now rely on the expertise of medical reservation platforms to send these reminder SMS messages to all their patients, whether they book online, by phone or directly at the office.

Get an appointment faster

Physicians experience a high rate of last-minute cancellations. These vacancies may be of full benefit to other patients who are scheduled for a consultation in weeks or months. Patients can now register on a waiting list for their doctors through online platforms. They will be automatically notified if a slot becomes available at an earlier date to reserve it and save valuable time. This is a completely free service that makes life easier for patients.

More relaxed in the waiting room

The waiting room of a doctor's office is never a pleasant step: "When will I be called? "What do the patients who sit beside me suffer from? "How many people will come before me? "If I move, will I lose my seat? For these reasons, online booking services offer patients the option of registering on arrival, keeping them informed of the order in which they will be seen and the estimated time remaining before the consultation. People can go out for a coffee, make a call to their loved ones without losing their seats, etc. On the other hand, the doctor is kept informed in real time of the number of people waiting in his office.

Accelerate the health journey

A general practitioner's appointment may lead the patient to consult a specialist for advice. This means that the patient has to start the appointment and waiting cycle again. An online solution is proposed to reduce these delays. At the end of the consultation, the online agenda allows the general practitioner to make an appointment directly for his or her patient at a doctor's office by adding a note, accessing a choice of time slots dedicated to short-term consultations. All with the patient's consent. The patient leaves the general practitioner's office with the next appointment in his pocket and has a limited waiting time. This service allows doctors to ensure that their patients have the right specialist.
Online medical appointment scheduling is in line with the company's new practices. Parallel services are developing for the well-being of all. The Cloud Calendar ensures a more enjoyable patient experience and shorter turnaround times. Practitioners using these services improve their working conditions and can concentrate on their vocation: care.

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PS : Doctena provides online booking appointments with doctors in Austria, Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg, Netherlands, and Switzerland.


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