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To book medical appointments online: a great experience for patients

Wednesday 03 January 2018 - forpatient


To book medical appointments online. Visiting the doctor is certainly not the most pleasant activity! In addition to the uncertainty of the pending diagnosis, the booking process itself creates a lot of stress, especially when choosing the doctor to consult. Fortunately, this stress can be relieved with the computer. More and more doctor's practices make it possible to arrange appointments online - a great experience for all patients.

The future of doctors' practices is on the Internet (and the present too!)

Getting an appointment with a good doctor is no longer that simple. Many practitioners already have a full agenda and therefore no new patients are accepted. Logically, it is therefore not worthwhile to turn to these overburdened practitioners for an appointment. But how would you know before you even called the office? So, if you're lucky, you'll be able to reach a doctor you found in the phone book - perhaps after trying to contact 3 others beforehand - and eventually hear him say he can't take another patient.
Finally, you have ended up finding a doctor who still agrees to receive new patients; now you have to make an appointment. Unfortunately, only one availability remains in the next 4 weeks and it turns out that an important professional meeting is already scheduled in your calendar on this date. The following availability is in 6 weeks. Are you really gonna wait that long? You'd rather not, so the search for a doctor starts all over again.
All this shows how stressful the search for a medical appointment is. And we have not yet discussed referrals, appointments with specialists and coordination of appointments with laboratory tests.
The good news, however, is that this entire process can now also be handled online in a relaxed manner. Everything runs with just a few mouse clicks, even long after the practice's office hours are over.

Arranging medical appointments online - your benefits

Opening hours: Call the doctor at work? Try during lunch break? Or maybe take a day off just to look for the right doctor with more time available? This is now over! An appointment can be booked via the Internet at any time, even outside the office opening hours.
Convenience - Many doctors also offer a clearly arranged directory of available appointments online. It couldn't be more convenient.
Free of charge - A phone call costs not only time but also money.  However, contacting the doctor online is completely free of charge.
Simplicity - It has never been easier to arrange an appointment with the doctor. Each doctor now offers a contact option on his office page.

Arranging medical appointments has never been easier. Store your phone book in the closet and take advantage of the Internet. We wish you a successful recovery!


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PS : Doctena provides online booking appointments with doctors in Austria, Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg, Netherlands, and Switzerland.


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