Finding the Right Gynecologist

Published on 03/01/2018

Finding the right gynecologist

Finding the right gynecologist. For some people, health care is an obstacle course because of a bad experience in the past. Others are delighted to tell you about their doctor because he or she is so extraordinary. Receiving health care is an extremely subjective experience, but one that can influence your perception of it for the rest of your life.

There are several things you should always consider when looking for a health care professional. And when it comes to choosing a gynecologist, the criteria are all the more numerous. Gynecology is an intimate specialty that deals with the female reproductive system. It is important to feel completely comfortable with your doctor to have a positive experience. He is the one who screens for diseases and accompanies you when you want to start a family.

It is important to see a gynecologist if you have been sexually active or if you are planning to conceive a child. More broadly, gynecological care is essential for women’s health and well-being. For these reasons, we have compiled a few things to consider when looking for a new gynecological doctor.

Collect Testimonials

If you’ve never seen a gynecologist before, you may be wondering how to begin your search. The first and best thing to do is to ask your general practitioner to provide you with a list of gynecologists he or she trusts. Friends and family can also be a good source of advice. However, ask yourself if you would feel comfortable sharing the same gynecologist with someone you know. If a name is mentioned repeatedly by different sources, chances are that the doctor has a good reputation. Finally, another approach could be to search on the internet for a doctor practicing near your home or workplace.

Get Information on the Internet

Once you have identified 2 or 3 candidates, search for them on the internet. There are 2 things you should consider when doing your research. First: training. Where did they study and where did they receive their accreditation. Second, look at their experience and expertise. In other words, how long have they been practicing and have they specialized in a particular field (infertility, menopause, …)? Of course, some will place more importance on these criteria than others.

Male or Female Gynecologist

If you might feel less comfortable with a male gynecologist, that’s something to consider in your search. There can be no discomfort with your gynecologist. So ask yourself (men or women?).

Having the Right Feeling with the Gynecologist

You can make an appointment with a gynecologist for a first contact. After this first meeting, if you don’t feel comfortable, don’t feel obliged to see the doctor again. There may be times when you don’t like someone as a physician and therefore want to find someone else. Keep in mind that we are talking about your privacy; the gynecologist will probably ask you some sensitive and even embarrassing questions. You need to be able to speak frankly with them. On the other hand, you should also evaluate how your doctor interacts with you. Does it show a real interest in you? Is it benevolent? It is important that your practitioner consider your treatment preferences and principles and involve you in the decision making process regarding the follow-up plan for a diagnosis. Trust is paramount in the relationship you have with your gynecologist.

Proximity and Availability

Even if the most important thing for you is to find the best gynecologist, is it realistic to choose someone whose office is an hour’s drive from your home? The proximity of the gynecologist to the hospital in which he or she works is a new factor to consider. This is especially important if you are considering pregnancy (or if you are already pregnant) as you will be visiting the doctor quite regularly. Therefore, we can only advise you against choosing an overworked gynecologist who can only offer you an appointment every 4 months.

Check Your Insurance Plan

It’s important to know exactly what health and hospital expenses will be covered by your insurance. To get the most out of your health coverage, you may need to choose a gynecologist who is enrolled in your insurance plan to minimize out-of-pocket expenses. So, while you might want to choose Dr. XX, the best gynecologist in the area, remember that it could cost you a lot of money. If you want to stick to your insurance plan, make sure you choose a doctor affiliated with your insurance. The same applies to hospitals: check that your gynecologist works in one of the hospitals listed in your insurance plan to avoid having to pay the entire cost.

So it may take more than one visit to find the right gynecologist for you, but it’s worth it to ensure a positive experience with a doctor you trust and feel comfortable with.

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