Doctena Video consultation

Better follow up with patients, without travel constraints


Doctena video consultation makes it easy to consult your patients and exchange with other practitioners wherever they are located and from any device. It’s certified, easy to use, and fully integrated into the practice calendar.

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Key features at a glance

Convenient, secure & time-saving solution

Offer a remote consultation to your patients. Whether it’s diagnoses, treatment recommendations or receiving a digital prescription, your patients benefit from a complete service, without having to leave their homes.

Seemlessly integrated into your calendar

This innovative tool for video consultation is easily and quickly integrated into your Doctena calendar. Treatments can be charged online after the appointment.

SMS/Email reminder system before the video consultation

Automated reminders indicate the date and time of the video consultation, as well as the link needed to connect with your patients.

Possibility to collect payment online

With an integrated online payment solution, your patients can securely pay for the video consultation online.

Possibility to collect payment online

With an integrated online payment solution, your patients can securely pay for the video consultation online.

Improve access to medical care

Offer patients with limited mobility or with a chronical disease a fast and simple way to consult you online without having to leave their home.

Reduced risk of contamination

Consult your patients online and limit the risk of contamination for your team and your patients, following the current Covid-19 rules.

Certifications and recommendations


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Frequently Asked Questions

Doctena video consultation is a special visit reason that patients can choose to book a virtual appointment with a practitioner.

Video consultation is an innovative service aiming to extend and improve access to healthcare. It can be used to consult people in remote areas, do a better and more regular follow-up with patients, consult chronically ill patients or with reduced mobility.

The practitioner defines the use cases in which a video consultation can be booked online by patients.

The payment for a video consultation can be done online, allowing the patient to pay directly after his consultation.

Yes. Doctena uses the highest security standards to keep your online consultation encrypted. We are fully GDPR compliant.

Doctena Video consultation can be accessed from any device, your smartphone, tablet or computer. You have to just access your confirmation email in first place to follow the link to the video consulation.

Yes, simply select the existing appointment that you want to transform in the agenda. Then check the "This is a video consultation" button and the appointment will be transformed immediately into a video consultation. By saving the changes, your patiens receive an automatic confirmation email with the link to join the video consultation.

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