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Save Valuable Time By Scheduling Your Doctors Appointments Online!

Wednesday 03 January 2018 - forpatient


Scheduling Your Doctors Appointments : few things in life are more anxiety provoking than health issues. When attempting to get to the bottom of symptoms you may be experiencing, you want answers and you want them fast! The mundane tasks associated with finding a doctor, booking an appointment and traveling to see them, just to have to sit and wait for an hour in their office can be time consuming and frustrating. Getting to the bottom of what ails you quickly is what has launched the new movement in health care, and it changing the dynamics of scheduling an appointment with your doctor.
For too long, patients have had to research which physician was the best fit for their healthcare needs. The next step involved calling the doctor’s office to determine if the doctor was taking new patients. If they weren’t, it was back to the drawing board to find another qualified doctor. Once a doctor was found that was accepting new patients, the next step was to put in a call for an appointment. Upon calling, you were often met with a lengthy list of telephone prompts to send you to the appropriate office staff. Upon arriving at the appointment setting professional for the office, you are put on hold for them to pick up the phone to assist you. You spend the next several minutes inputting information to the scheduling personnel. Now it’s finally time for you to schedule an appointment. But the scheduler didn’t tell you that your doctor doesn’t have an appointment open for 3 months. You can’t wait that long, so you hang up and start the process all over again in an attempt to find a doctor with more availability. If only you had known this prior to divulging all of your personal information to the scheduler of office #1.
This frustrating series of events repeats itself thousands of times every day. So, how is this process made easier while also being expedited? Simple! A number of European companies are launching new software programs and Apps that allow you to access the schedules of all of the participating doctors in your area with a single click. One such European company is Doctena. Doctena is located in 5 countries and offers scheduling options for doctors and dentists alike.
The process is simple. Sign up, Sign in and schedule. All of the research has been done for you. Find the type of doctor or dentist that has an appointment at a time that is convenient for you. No waiting on the phone just to be told the doctor has no availability. You’ll have their schedule at your fingertips. Add your information and confirm your appointment time. That’s all there is to it.
The best news is, the scheduling service isn’t just for first time appointments. Your doctor can schedule any specialists referrals, follow-up appointments or wellness visits, while you’re still in the examination room. No waiting for their office staff to call you back with a referral appointment just to have to tell them it doesn’t fit into your schedule. You’ll have your referrals and follow-ups booked before you walk out the door.
This new technology is safe, secure and easy to use. In today’s technologically savvy world, there’s no reason why we can utilize it to reduce the time and anxiety that health issues bring to our lives.

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PS : Doctena provides online booking appointments with doctors in Austria, Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg, Netherlands, and Switzerland.

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