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Medical online booking and last minute availabilities

Monday 07 May 2018 - forpatient


Convenience has suddenly become a key determinant factor when patients choose a healthcare facility. This is why online scheduling has become the best option for many.
Moreover, in order to succeed in today’s technology-driven world, one has to provide convenience alongside top-notch care. As the use of smart phones, tablets and other Internet-connected devices has permeated society, healthcare hasn’t always done a great job of keeping up.
When most health facilities have adamantly remained with the old approach…..hence their stagnancy in many areas.
Online scheduling is one of the simplest, and most popular, pieces of technology used by forward-thinking healthcare practitioners.
With this, patients are able to see when a doctor is available and schedule an appointment using the website.
Here are the many benefits of medical online booking:

Patients are satisfied

Do you know that 90% of the patients prefer medical online booking?
Contrary to what we may think, this number includes seniors, who are using the Internet more and more frequently. According to some of the patients that were interviewed, they said that booking medical appointments online reduces their waiting time.
And solely because of that inconvenience experience, they prefer medical online appointments. This simply shows that people are less inclined to make phone calls especially if it involves ringing up someone they don’t know.
For many people looking for a new doctor or specialist, many of them will simply go straight for online booking option to avoid having to make a call.

It leaves you with 24-hour Accessibility

Let’s picture the case of a stranded expatriate that urgently needs medical attention without knowing how to get it in a strange land…probably on a business trip.
What should he/she do?
Have you then seen the importance of the online booking? Because with such, the expatriate can easily look up for the right Doctor and book an appointment without wasting time.
Why so fast?
With the 24-hours access, It’s as easy as ABC.

Its Flexibility is second to none

Another great advantage that the medical online booking system offers is flexibility.
You can log in to the website of the doctor you need to see and then plan your schedule around his working hours instead of having to wait for weeks and months. The online scheduling eliminates this issue and helps you to plan your appointment according to your schedule.
Hence, you can visit the doctor in your own free time without having to rush other important tasks that might be time demanding.
These are some of the benefits of booking your medical appointment through an online platform.

It Reduces ‘No Shows’

Missed Appointments, be it cancelled or forgotten at the last minute is a problem.
Aside the case of revenue reduction, they can negatively affect access to health care. For example, many studies have proven that an increase in the rate of missed appointments is accompanied by an increase for time between the date an appointment is booked and the date of the appointment itself.
But with medical online booking, automatic reminders and confirmation requests by emails or text messages are sent to the patients.
With that, the patient can confirm or cancel their appointment, which prevents last-minute cancellations.

Online medical booking gives your appointment a second chance

This important feature will gladden your heart as a waiting patient on the list.
Do you know that with online medical booking, one patient’s cancellation is another patient’s ideal booking
Yes! Appointment cancellations are a scheduling reality. Things happen, people forget, alarms fail and traffic is always unpredictable. We’ve all been there. However, managing these missed opportunities can be a source of intense frustration. Trying to fill a cancelled appointment usually leads to an unending game of phone and email tag- often resulting in a vacant appointment and loss revenue.
But online booking wouldn’t want you to struggle through this cycle a moment further- and you don’t have to!
That is why with online booking, you have an option to book those cancelled appointments.
For instance, Mr. A needs an appointment with a dentist and there is no available appointment before 3 months!
Therefore Mr. A, needs to wait for 3 months before fixing his issue…right?
No! You now have an option with online medical booking by registering to a waiting list to get automatic information in case an earlier appointment is cancelled.
So that you can reschedule your originally booked appointment to a new availability.
This is a free service that you can only have access to with medical online booking.
Join the moving train now!
Good luck.

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