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New Online Medical Appointment Service Launched in Grand Duchy

Wednesday 25 September 2013

Your next medical appointment 3 clicks away: amongst the most common medical challenges, you will find ‘getting an appointment’ as a recurrent basic need of patients. says it can help you organise your next medical visit in Luxembourg. How do they do it? By allowing the doctors to publish their availabile ppointment times. This is done online which enables you to choose the time slot that fits you best and ask for an appointment.

Indicate your location, the speciality needed and of course the language you want to speak – this could be English, but Doctena actually offers over ten different language options from the start. The website then comes up rapidly with a list of doctors having availabile appointment slots in the days ahead. The user will click on the date and time that suits his/her agenda and a request is sent to the doctor. The medical team reviews the request within a working day and your appointment is booked.

The advantages are obvious if you just landed in Luxembourg and do not know which doctor to call. It is the same story if you need a specialist for the first time. Most of all, it is also convenient to take an appointment with your favourite doctor as you can do it anytime in just 3 clicks.

The doctor shares advantages of the service and as less time spent on the phone. Hence the medical team will be more available for the patients in the practice.

From the start, gives access to over 50 doctors, from 10 different specialities, speaking 9 languages and covering a dozen locations.

Patients on Facebook are showing their interest for The page has already over 1,500 fans.

The mission of Doctena is to help patients get a doctor appointment, by using the newest technologies and helping doctors reduce the administrative tasks allotted to their medical teams. Doctena s.a. is a ‘société anonyme’ under the management of a local team with Patrick Kersten at its front.

Patrick Kersten is well-known for having launched several major websites in Luxembourg. He contributed to the launch of for job postings, before creating – the leading real estate website of Luxembourg – and managing it until 2012.

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