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Apps to make your life in Luxembourg simpler

Wednesday 23 November 2016

(JB) We turn to our smart phones for a lot of things in life and often for good reason as there are useful apps which can make a real difference to our lives. gives a round-up of what it saw as the handiest apps on Android and iOS for expats in Luxembourg.

1 Exploring Luxembourg

Launched a few weeks ago, this new free Luxembourg app is available in English, French and German and offers a broad view of the Grand Duchy, in the form of maps, graphics, text and photos. Once downloaded, the content can be accessed offline, allowing users to view it anywhere. The app can be downloaded to smartphones and tablets and will be regularly updated. Please note for iPhone it is called "ExploringLux".

2 Schueberfouer

If you don't know what the Schueberfouer is, then download this app now. The annual funfair which takes place on the Glacis car park in Limpertsberg from August to September is an eagerly-awaited fixture in the Luxembourg calendar for some. This free app lists all of the rides, amenities and even tells you how to get there so you can plan your Schueberfouer experience in advance.


Launched in 2013 initially as a website, this free tool enables patients to book appointments with any doctor registered on the system. It's a handy tool if you don't already have a regular doctor or you need an emergency appointment with a specialist doctor.

4 Meetup

Perhaps you have just arrived and want to start building a network or maybe you want to expand your existing circle of friends, "Meetup" could help. The platform helps people build new communities by creating or joining groups and events happening near them. Narrow down your selection by country and you will find scores of existing meetup groups. If you cannot find something that interests you, it's very easy to start your own group.


Getting around on public transport is not always easy in Luxembourg. But, if you download this app in English, at least you should never miss another bus or train. Another app by the same people is "M-Ticket", enabling users to buy tickets for public transport in Luxembourg and pay by FLASHiZ or Digicash.

6 Languages

Moving to a place like Luxembourg is the perfect opportunity to learn a new language. While French and German could be useful depending where you live and work, Luxembourgish is a fascinating language which should not be overlooked. There are several apps available teaching the latter.

"Utalk Luxembourgish" by EuroTalk (6.92 euros) helps learners to pick up the basics of Luxembourgish in a fun way with images, speech and games.

If you don't want to make the outlay, "Memrise" offers free basic Luxembourgish courses offers a free. You have to log in and use the search tool in order to see the Luxembourgish offer as it will not appear on the flag wheel.

When you get more advanced, you might like to download the free "" which corrects texts written in Luxembourgish.

7 VinsLux

Find out more about the nine different grape varieties grown in Luxembourg's Moselle valley and what makes Luxembourg wine one of the country's best-kept secrets in this free, trilingual app dedicated to Luxembourg wines.

8 Speed cameras

Fixed speed cameras were first introduced to Luxembourg in 2016. At the time of writing this article, there were 20 across the country. Two apps developed by students in Luxembourg will notify motorists when they approach these cameras, “Luxradar” for Android devices and “Luxspeed” for iPhone. The app also warns users when they approaching mobile speed cameras but their reliability in this area depends on the input of other road users. They are legal to use provided the motorist has a hands-free device in their vehicle when inputting locations.

9 Become a potential organ donor

It is no secret that Luxembourg is struggling to find organ donors. While the country applies an opt-out system, whereby everyone here is considered a donor unless they specify otherwise, the transplant body always requests permission from relatives before using the organs of a deceased love-one.

To make your wishes clear, you can obtain a "Passeport de vie" (passport for life) card or just get the app of the same name. All you need to enter is your name and social security number and your wishes will be preserved in the ether.


Well, we couldn't not mention our own app, delivering news to your smartphone or tablet seven days a week. The app has been downloaded more than 50,000 times. Check it out to see why. See: on Android. On iPhone also for but don't be put off with everything being in German at first, it can be changed to English one installed.


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