Spotlight on Noora, Product Analyst at Doctena

Published on 17/06/2024

Product Analyst at Doctena

How would you describe your role as a Product Analyst at Doctena and how does your role contribute to the overall success of the platform?

As a Product Analyst at Doctena, my role is a blend of business analysis and quality assurance.

I work closely with the Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Software Delivery Manager (SDM) and various other stakeholders to gather and document all business requirements, ensuring we meet user needs effectively. I also define, design and conduct rigorous product testing to ensure performance and reliability. My contributions aim to guarantee that our platform maintains high quality standards and user satisfaction, ultimately driving the overall success of Doctena.

As a Product Analyst at Doctena, my role involves bridging the gap between user needs and product development. My position is crucial in ensuring that our platform remains user-friendly, efficient and aligned with the needs of both healthcare providers and patients. By prioritising user feedback and innovation, I help deliver a product that truly adds value to our users’ daily tasks.

How do you gather and analyse user feedback to ensure that Doctena meets the needs of both healthcare providers and patients?

We gather user feedback through various sources, including for example surveys and Customer Support interactions. I analyse this data to identify trends and insights that help us understand user needs, pain points and preferences. Direct user feedback is crucial in identifying areas for improvement and potential new features, and this information helps translate insights into valuable product innovations. By maintaining clear and effective communication with stakeholders, we ensure that our product improvements are aligned with user needs, enhancing the overall user satisfaction.

I also collaborate closely with our Customer Support, Customer Success and Sales teams, who provide additional context and details from their interactions with our users. This comprehensive approach ensures that we capture a wide range of perspectives and experiences.

By focusing on customer satisfaction and leveraging the feedback we receive, I ensure that our platform continuously evolves to better serve both healthcare professionals and patients.

Can you share a recent project you worked on and the impact it had/has on the user experience?

A recent feature I worked on was the “Availabilities Today” filter in our patient-facing interface. This feature allows patients to quickly find same-day appointments through both our Patient Portal and the Doctena Mobile App. The development involved feedback gathering, usability testing, and data analysis to ensure it met the users’ needs effectively.

The impact on the user experience has been significant. Patients can now easily locate available appointments for the same day, making the booking process more convenient and responsive to urgent needs. According to one user’s immediate feedback upon the launch, this feature was exactly what they needed. This enhancement has improved overall user satisfaction by providing a quick and efficient way to find prompt appointments, which is key when someone is feeling bad and needs to easily and quickly get help.

What future improvements or features can users look forward to on Doctena, and how will they enhance the overall functionality of the platform?

Currently, we are working on many exciting projects that will enhance the overall functionality of the platform. Our future improvements aim to make communication easier between practitioners and patients, improving the efficiency and quality of consultations. Future improvements will also focus on enhancing customisation, efficiency, data integration, and user experience.

How is Doctena adapted to meet the diverse needs of its users, considering factors such as age, gender, and varying levels of technical know-how?

Doctena is designed with inclusivity at its core. Our user interface is intuitive and simple, ensuring accessibility for users of all ages and technical skill levels. We offer multilingual support and customisable settings to address the needs of a diverse audience. By continuously gathering and analysing user feedback, we make adjustments to ensure our platform remains user-friendly and accessible to everyone, regardless of their background or technical expertise.

What do you like about working at Doctena, what principles and values set Doctena apart from other companies?

Doctena is made out of great people. The multicultural environment, flexibility and innovative projects are the core of working at Doctena, and this also sets it apart from other companies.

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