Doctor’s appointments at the click of a mouse

Publié le 24 September, 2013

LUXEMBOURG – A new website – – allows patients to schedule a doctor’s appointment online. Search criteria such as field of study, language and location help with the selection.

“Find a doctor and request an appointment in three clicks”. This is what a new website in Luxembourg is advertising. is designed to make it easier to find a doctor and offers the possibility of setting an appointment immediately, which is confirmed by the doctor a short time later.

More than 50 physicians are said to be already registered with Doctena. According to this, the patient can select the locality and language in addition to the doctor’s specialty. So far, nine different languages are offered.

Online instead of telephone

The advantage of this system is the elimination of telephone calls, which costs time. Patients no longer have to contact different doctors and hope that someone will offer them a timely or convenient appointment. Online, he can now directly see which dates are still available.

Doctena s.a. is a Luxembourg company managed by a local team. The idea for the website came from Patrick Kersten, who had already launched several other online projects in Luxembourg, including and


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