Success story of Liam Smith, Physiotherapist

Published on 19/04/2021

I’m Liam Smith, a physiotherapist specialised in neurology. I came from a French school, then I continued my studies in Luxembourg. I have been working for about two years, I started in a first practice in Esch-sur-Alzette and now I have set up with several colleagues in Dommeldange.

What is a day like at your practice?

So, if I can describe a typical day, it usually starts around 10am and I finish at 8pm. I have patients who come for quite different reasons, generally it’s so-called “general” physiotherapy. I also specialised in neurology, and I’m starting to get more and more consultations on this subject. This applies in particular to victims of cardiovascular accidents, people with multiple sclerosis or Parkinson’s syndrome, for example. In addition, I always devote part of my day to home visits, in order to provide suitable care for the elderly or people with reduced mobility.

How long have you chosen to work with Doctena?

I started working with Doctena in February 2022, when I joined the practice where I am now. I used to use a paper calendar, and I have to say: Doctena has changed my organisation a lot. This reduced my stress and my fear of forgetting the specifics of each day or each patient. It also allowed for excellent internal communication within the practice and management of everyone’s various appointments.

What has Doctena changed in your professional life?

When I started using Doctena, I could see that many patients came through it. They were able to make an appointment by seeing that I was nearby, for example, or available at a convenient time for them. My reputation has grown over time, by itself, and I am very happy about that.

On my Doctena calendar,
I have been able to set up different “reasons for consultation”, so that my days are optimised and I can dedicate a time adapted to each patient and his pathology. It’s also very useful for me beforehand, because it allows me to anticipate the treatment. Another feature that has changed my life is the fact that I can be accompanied by your customer service if I have any questions or doubts. It served me well, because at one point, it’s true that we had little bugs, and the team was always there to support us and help us. I am much more relaxed about my organisation.

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You are several practitioners in the practice, how does it work?

The use of the diary in the practice is optimal, 5 of us use it and everything is centralised. We are 4 physiotherapists, as well as a sports doctor who is present part of the week. All their Doctena diaries are integrated, which allows me to assign a patient or make an appointment for one or the other, and vice versa when it is for me. It works both ways. We don’t have a common agenda as such, we have our separate agendas, but they are all searchable.

What do you think are the biggest advantages of Doctena?

First of all I find it very intuitive, to understand Doctena it took me about 30min to an hour, it was really simple and fast to see all the features and to be guided in my first steps by the Doctena team.

The “Patient Reminder” function is a very useful and customisable feature. The patient is informed of the appointment by email and SMS and I can also personalise the reminder. For example: “Remember to bring a towel for the session”. We can create and modify the reminder directly in our settings, which is quite fast and very practical because patients know in advance how they should organise themselves for their session.

The system of evaluation and comment by our patients allows us to receive their feedback and impressions. This allows me to constantly improve as a practitioner.

It also allows us to establish and grow our reputation on Doctena. It’s really important for us, because when you start out, it’s mostly word-of-mouth. And when you are put forward because you have done a good job, it is always very comforting.

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