Success story of Elise Mosca, Osteopath

Published on 04/09/2023

I am Elise Mosca, a qualified osteopath. Osteopathy is a manual therapy aimed at treating pain and dysfunctions in the whole body: spine, limbs, viscera… The approach is holistic and everything is reviewed during a session.

What is a typical day like in your practice?

I see up to 8 patients a day. It’s a physical job, but sometimes it’s also mentally challenging because there is often a psychological aspect involved. The session starts with the anamnesis, where I try to understand the precise feeling of the patient, the probable causes of the pain etc. I then perform a physical examination of each part of the body and treat each dysfunction or mobility restriction found.
Finally, after the various manipulations and having unblocked the knots, I give practical advice to the patients so that the blockages do not What I enjoy most about my work is relieving people’s pain and helping them to optimise their health without medication or medical intervention.

What can you say about your experience with Doctena?

I have been using Doctena for almost two years. A friend working there suggested it to me as I was indeed looking to expand my patient base. Doctena has allowed me to fill my agenda in a consistent way, but also to save time because the online appointment booking avoids many calls that I can’t answer when I’m with a patient, which is most of the day. After experiencing the advantages offered by Doctena, I quickly abandoned my old online appointment booking system and used this one.

What are the features you like most about Doctena?

The online visibility and popularity in the country make it easy for the patient to make an appointment. My patients say that it is indeed very convenient: they can choose their time slot as they wish and quickly.
Doctena is in my opinion THE reference for medical directories and online appointment booking in Luxembourg. Every health professional who wants to develop his or her patient base should register.

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