Five new service functions: Doctena makes life easier for doctors and patients

Published on 21 November, 2017


(Luxembourg/Berlin, November 15, 2017) Doctena, Europe’s number one and market leader for the online allocation of doctor’s appointments, has now introduced five new service functions that are intended to benefit both doctors and patients. In addition to better networking among general practitioners and specialists, medical practices will be able to create a personal profile in the future, which should not only contribute to greater visibility, but also to greater customer satisfaction. In addition, new administrative tools such as “Waiting Room” and “Internal Note” provide the opportunity to optimize internal practice workflows and administrative processes. Patients, on the other hand, can use the last-minute function to secure doctor’s appointments that become available at short notice. With the new products, Doctena is once again expanding its range of services, with the aim of making it easier for patients to access medical care and reducing the workload of medical practices.

The last few months have been all about innovation for Doctena’s developers. Five new service tools have been developed, are currently available as beta versions, and will be available to all physicians and patients in the six European Doctena countries – the DACH region (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) and the Benelux countries (Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands) – in the coming weeks.

Better networking and reduced waiting times
In addition to classic online appointment scheduling and management, Doctena now offers a “service of responsible physicians”. This service function brings general practitioners and specialists closer together. Physicians are instantly connected and have direct access to their colleague’s calendar. This way, a doctor can simply book a free appointment for his patient in the calendar of the specialist he needs. Another innovation is the “waiting room” tool. With the help of this digital waiting room, the paxi team can track the time and duration of stay of each patient in real time – from reception to leaving the practice – and manage it more efficiently. Furthermore, practices can create a “personal profile” on to personalize their profile page to patients and gain visibility and greater patient satisfaction. The “Internal Note” service function allows physicians to send notes within the practice to colleagues to improve communication regarding patients. In addition, patients who schedule their doctor’s appointments through Doctena can enjoy the new “Last Minute Appointments” feature. This gives patients who have already made an appointment on the opportunity to be informed about appointments that become available earlier – for example, due to the cancellation of another patient’s appointment.

Healthier and less stressful with Doctena
The advantages of the many new service functions for physicians are obvious. Apart from improved networking among physicians, it will also be easier for medical practices to efficiently manage the treatment of patients within their own practice premises and to simplify and optimize internal administrative and communication processes. But patients also benefit greatly from the innovations, because a reduced workload and simplified processes within a practice also mean less stress and less waiting time for them. This significantly shortens the patient’s journey between making an appointment and actually receiving treatment in the practice. The results are lower cancellation rates and better patient care.

With the new service functions, Doctena is responding to the needs and high expectations of physicians and patients. Just this spring, Doctena was awarded the seal of approval for very good service quality by the DIQP (German Institute for Quality Standards and Testing) thanks to a satisfaction rate of 97 percent. An opinion poll conducted in March had shown that one in three patients would like to have the option of a last-minute appointment with their doctor and would make use of this – and so Doctena is responding to its customers’ wishes with the system innovations. Patients can currently book appointments with more than 10,000 doctors in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands – and the trend is still rising, because every day more doctors and patients decide to use Doctena, the undisputed number one for online booking of medical appointments.

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