Doctena now also leader in Austria

Published on 7 November, 2017


As the European leader in online medical appointment scheduling, Doctena continues to expand with the acquisition of the Austrian platform Mednanny.

Mednanny is active in all major Austrian cities, including the capital Vienna, and is involved in the booking of some three million consultations per year, with an average of 6.8 appointments per patient.

And the Austrian market is also the sixth largest in Europe in terms of density of medical professionals, with 44,000 registered practitioners.

With this takeover, Doctena – which was launched in Luxembourg in 2013 – is adding a sixth European location to its roster, with Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany and Switzerland in addition to Luxembourg and now Austria.

The company’s expansion is based on a strategy of acquiring competing groups such as the Belgian Docbook and Sanmax or the German Doxter and Terminland.


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